Monday, August 19, 2013

Me with the new companions

Our walk with Bolette

Just call me Texas!

Mine familier og venner!

Well, I officially am in a trio again. The week was crazy busy! Our schedule was booked to the max and we literally had to run to get to several appointments. Yep, crazy. Ha ha.

Sister Ripplinger and Sister Handley are my new companions. They both love to dance and enjoy cooking/baking, so we might be making a lot of delicious food...They are both from Utah, so are the two elders in our ward, so everyone jokes that I am the odd one from Texas. Actually, we have one member in our ward who just calls me "Texas" and looks at me whenever there could be any slight reference to my state.

Highlight of the week: We visited a lady who was a former investigator. She told us that she had prayed someone would come and then we came.

My companions and I are still running on only 2 months of language experience, so we are still trying to learn, but luckily a couple members told us they will give us some language lessons :)

The ward here is AMAZING! We are really hoping we can do all we can to help it grow. I am glad I get to stay here for at least 6 more weeks :)

Med kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill 

Transfer Calls

Mine familier og venner!

Let me first tell you about transfer calls. So last week, we were awaiting a call all week to figure out what was going to happen with transfers. In our mission, many missionaries play "transfer madness," like March Madness, but you just try to figure out where everyone is going in the mission. Sister Hadley and I just did it for the sisters, but it is kind of hard to gage because we have received 18 new sisters in Denmark over the last two months. As of this week there will be a total of 21 sisters in the mission.

Anyway, we awaited our call and were excited to see if any of our guesses were right. Friday afternoon, President called us! It almost felt like we were on a reality show. We picked up the phone, put it on speaker, and then he said, "You ready to hear what's happening with transfers? One of you will be staying. One of you will be leaving... Sister Hadley... that will be you. You will be packing your bags and heading to Aalborg... Sister Orgill, you will be receiving two sisters, Sister Handley and Sister Ripplinger."

So, I am staying in Vejle! I am excited to stay here because it is already set up to go and we already have several  appointments set up for the week! It will be great to work more closely with the members and really dive into working in the area.

We have a rule that there must always be 3 of the same gender whenever we are teaching, so this means that we usually can't get a man from church to come with us to teach another man because we would still need another woman or man, but now since there will be three sisters in Vejle, we can do that because we will always have three! It's really an exciting time. We will be the only trio in the mission.

Last thing to share. At zone training last week, we did an object lesson where our mission president had the football and had to make a touch down. The sisters were on offense, the elders on defense and we were not allowed to touch. One of the sisters got this great idea to have us all hold hands and make a circle around our mission president to protect him so he could get to the other side of the field. We did it and it worked perfectly, because the elders could not touch us or even block us since they were not expecting it. Afterwards, our mission president talked about how secure he felt in the circle and that is exactly how investigators feel when the members extend their a hand and create friendships with them. We all have the same goal, returning to our Father in Heaven, it's not a competition, we can help each other and protect each other if we work together to get there.

Love you all so much!

de kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill

P.S. My address is still:
Søster Kelly Orgill
Kiddesvej 11 1 SAL
7100 Vejle

It will be my address until September 23rd, then in might change, but until then, that's it ;)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Post Danmark Rundt- kind of like the Tour De France in Denmark
on the street we live on, so that pic was taken from our window!

Exploring Vejle