Monday, October 28, 2013

The progress of a member's heart shape bench carved into a tree!

Waiting for the bus after district meeting

Toni (our landlord's cat) came 
through the window during
personal studies

Efterår in Denmark

Somehow Elder Hammond and I ended up matching at church.
Sister Peterson thought it was so cool and made us take a picture.

The Dutch guy who gave us free donuts 
and chatted with us about the church

This week in Roskilde...

Mine familier og venner,

This week in Roskilde...

On Monday night ate dinner at member's house in Køge. It is more of
the country out there. It is so beautiful and was really fun. It gets
darker earlier now so we even got to see the stars on this little
watchtower they have :) They are carving a heart shaped sitting bench
into a tree right now, I'll attach of the picture of what it looks
like right now. It's not finished yet, but I thought it looked way

We went to this little Europe outdoor marketstand festival that they
had hear in Roskilde. Stands were selling sausages, olives, pesto,
pastries, cheeses, clothes and all sorts of stuff from Italy, the
Netherlands, France, Finland... Way cool. We walked by one Dutch donut
stand and the man there told us that he wanted to give us free donuts
because we were servants of Christ. It was way nice of him. We chatted
about our beliefs and then he wanted to know what we did as
missionaries. We told him we usually try to look for some common
ground to start with, then he asked us to try approaching him with our
message. It was cool. He lives in the Netherlands. We invited him to

I was on splits in Gladsaxe and we went over to dinner at this nice
lady's house who will be leaving soon to serve a Family History
mission in Salt Lake. She made a typical Danish Christmas meal for us:
Flæskesteg (pork that kind of has a crispy layer on top), boiled
potatoes, rødkål (red cabbbage that is sweet and vinegary, way good),
pickles, beets, and then for dessert, risalamande (kind of like a rice
cream pudding with cherry sauce on top... apparently at Christmas time
they put a whole almond in there and who ever gets it wins a prize).
So the point to this story is that I was trying to cut the pork and my
knife slipped off and as a result, rødkål landed in my lap and on the
table and on the floor... ha ha yeah. Somehow, my companion for the
day and the lady we were eating with didn't notice so I tried to scoop
things causally back on my plate and into my napkin for anything else
that still remained on my skirt or on the floor ha ha. It was WAY good
though! Oh my goodness. I might have to continue that Christmas
tradition... :)

Still on splits, I went to a 12 ½ year (copper) wedding anniversary
party of this lady who is half Indian and half Canadian, he husband is
a Dane. Way fun and quite the cultural party. We had Indian food
there, it was so good! She is an investigator in Gladsaxe and invited
the missionaries to her party. It was kind of funny at first because
her friends asked if we even knew her, then they realized that she was
friends with us (well, my companion at least since I didn't know her),
but it was cool because we got to have a lot of discussions about the
church and many people asked about our beliefs and why we had come on

And yesterday... Some new callings were made in the ward, as a result,
there was no one to teach the 7 to 8 year old class at church, so they
asked Sister Peterson and I if we could teach it. A little
nerve-racking since we found out right as we were walking into
sacrament meeting, but it was fun. It was on how we can show our
parents we love them (through obedience). It was fun. We colored
family trees and drew pictures of each family member on them, told
each other about our families, told each other how we have seen our
parents show that they love us and made a short list of how we can
show our parents we love them. We then talked about Nephi and how he
was always obedient to his parents. At this point, we lost their
attention, but then we got it back by playing Simon says and relating
it to being obedient. Ha ha, it was kind of hard because I realized I
didn't know how to say things like "hop" or "jump" or "touch" (like
touch your head) in Danish. I should try to learn more Simon says
vocabulary :)

I love October, it's a beautiful time of the year (everywhere! no
matter where you are, in my opinion)

My favorite lesson to teach? Probably still and always The Plan of
Salvation. The purpose of life on earth and Heavenly Father's perfect
plan for us.

Love you all!

Med kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill


Kære familier og Venner,

Things are going well in Roskilde, we are still trying to set things
up, meet people and learn how to use the bus system here. Our ward is
huge! It is the biggest in Denmark and the members are really excited
because the last time they had sisters serving in the ward was 10
years ago.

The ward mission leader has asked that the missionaries join the ward
in playing soccer each week and to invite investigators for easy
fellowship. It's kind of funny because Sister Peterson and I are the
only girls that come. My goal is to be more confident in soccer by the
time I leave here, luckly Sister Peterson helped explain the rules to
me and gave me pointers even while she was on the other team.

We live in the basement of a really nice lady her in Roskilde. She has
an apple tree that she lets us pluck apples from. What does that mean,
we can cook tons of things with apples, too. Way, fun! I love it!
Maybe we can even make something to bring to less active with apples

We had so many miracles last week, but I will just share one today.

We were looking for a member's apartment because we were supposed to
meet with her so she could give us a map of Roskilde, etc. We were on
the right street, but kept looking everywhere for her apartment number
and could not find it anywhere! We asked like 3 people for directions
and they all gave us obsure directions... bascially, no one knew where
it was. Ha ha. So then, we saw a lady walking just up the street from
us and we decided to ask her. We ran up to catch up with where she was
and asked for directions in Danish. She looked slightly creeped out/
surprised so we tried to explain that we just needed to figure out
where an apartment is. Then she said, "no, you don't understand... I
grew up Mormon." It was amazing! It turns out that she had just
recently moved, but hasn't been to church in a long time. She invited
us to come over sometime and gave us her name and address! Way neat!
We are excited to meet with her and felt so blessed to be a part of
the Lord's plan.

I love my companion. Sister Peterson is awesome! I feel like I am
growing so much this transfer. We made a goal to try and only speak
Danish from now on because we really want to try and improve. The
thing we are going to focus on as a companionship is to act on all
promptings we receive. What I love most about our companionship is
that we are always trying to serve each other. We take turns making
each others bed, doing each other's dishes (without the other
noticing), just random acts of kindness. Life is so much better when
you can make others happy and they can also receive more joy when you
take the time to let them serve/help you as well.

I hope all is well where ever you are! I love you all so much!


Søster Orgill

New area, Roskilde.

Mine familier og venner!

I am in a new area, Roskilde.

It is crazy not to be in Vejle anymore. I sure loved it and would love
to go back one day!

So making the trek from Vejle to Roskilde was pretty crazy. I had my 2
large suitcase and a small one and my dyne bag, and my coat and my
purse. Ha ha. I'm sure it was pretty hilarious to see Sister Peterson
and I push our suitcases around the city, onto trains, in elevators,
on buses and up the streets. We did take a little video of us pushing
our suitcases in the final stretch, but it is too large to send.

Anyway, we got here and found out there are 3 area books full of
previous investigators. The ward has now been split into 3 areas for
missionary work. We wanted to know which of the old records would be
for our area, so there was only one way to find out... do some PR

We spent 5 hours looking up each address to see where it falls and
then looking up phone numbers and addresses with hardly any old
information we had from them to see if they still lived in the area.
In the end, now they are all seperated and we are ready to make many,
many visits!

It was so cool because we even found two old email addresses of
previous investigators and wrote them an email. I tried to figure out
what to write and then I remembered to use the tips that Michael
Smart, from Michael Smart PR, had given us on writing emails while I
was at BYU! It was cool to see that be incorporated in missionary

For those who wanted to know what went down for conference... On
Saturday, we watched the Relief Society broadcast at 4pm in Danish!,
then the live 1st session of conference at 6pm in English. Then on
Sunday, at 4pm we watched the 2nd session in English and at 6pm the
3rd live in English. Still never watched the 4th. I am hoping I get to
see it, but I might just have to read it next month.

Miracles of the week:

-We had prepared a message for Jan, but then I got the distinct
prompting to share a different message about the temple so we did that
-We met our neighbor this week and she was really friendly. She told
us we could come over sometime and she could teach us to make Danish
food (and we will talk about the church, too! :))

Love you all!

Søster Orgill