Monday, January 13, 2014

Wow, it's 2014!

Sorry, I don't have a lot of time today, but this was a great, miraculous week.

We had New Years Eve at the Østergaards. We were allowed to stay out
until 1am. It was fun, they had two families from the ward over as
well. We had appetizers, dinner, jumped off couches and chairs at
midnight and played Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in Danish. Oh and we
star gazed (it was out in the country) and got to see a panaramic view
of all the fireworks in the cities in the far distances surrounding
os. Pretty cool. Here, there are no rules, pretty much, regarding
fireworks... there were also a lot of fires because of that, but we
are all safe.

We were allowed to sleep in until 9am and then had studies and did the
bi-yearly deep cleaning and then were back to Work at 6pm.

We had a miracle day on Saturday. We taught 4 lessons with 4 different
members to all of them. That is RARE at least in Denmark. Anyway, one
of them we had planned fell through and we had a girl from the ward,
Alma with us. I really wanted to be able to have hear experience
teaching someone with us. We tried to visit a less active, they were
not home, tried a previous investigator, they were not either. Then,
we prayed we could find someone, asked Alma where we should go. She
closed her eyes, spun around and pointed. We went that way. The first
3 doors were not interested, but the fourth, she said she would love
to come check out the church. We told her about the Book of Mormon and
invited her to read Ether 12. She's going to and wants us to come
back. Alma said the closing prayer. It was a miracle :)

Love you all! Happy New Year!

Søster Orgil
Guess what my favorite color is?

Somehow we always end up matching at church or district meetings

Christmas at the Domkirke

Christmas at the Eriksens

LOVING my Christmas pajamas and slippers

Making Christmas Omelets

Cute Esben

. Sister Eriksen, Sister Hall and I with our risalamande :)

Christmas Dinner at the Jakobsens

The Christmas Set Up. Thanks Windcrest Ward Young Womens for the banner:)

Christmas in Denmark

Wow, so much to say... as always... where do I begin?

December 24th, Christmas Day in Denmark:

1. We went to go see a lady in our ward

2. We went to our Christmas church service

-Two ladies that had planned to sing could not make it, so my
companion and I were asked to sing in their stead. We sang Angels We
Have Heard on High in Danish

-It was really great! Themed around the true meaning of Christmas. A
lady who lives in Roskilde who is not a member came (she had wanted to
go to church, but the church she regularly goes to conflicted with her
work schedule). She was very attentive and we invited her back.

3. We went to church at the Domkirke. They had a All Boys Choir
singing. It was very beautiful music. Good experience. While there, we
met two people who were really nice and told them a little about our

4. We went to the nursing home and sang... probably 10 Christmas
songs. Then we got to visit with the people there for 30 minutes.
There was a cute elderly lady there who I talked to. She wanted to see
a picture of my family, so I showed her the only one I had with me of
my Grandma's baptism. She said that she wasn't very good at
remembering things right now, but that something about our church
seemed familiar to her. She said she would love us to come back every

5. Then we went to the Eriksens house and had a "girls night
Christmas." It was just Sister Eriksen and her three daughters and us
sisters. So we ate flæskestig, duck, rødkål, a fruit salad, sauces,
potatoes, brown sweet potatoes... it was delicious! Then we ate
chocolates, sang christmas songs and danced around the tree, Sister
Hall and I shared a message about the Shepards going with "haste" to
see the Savior. Then two people at a time went up to play Santa and
grab presents. And we ended with ris a la mande. YUM! So good! I won
the ris a la mande prize: Summer Bird ris a la mande almonds (way
good) and a cookie stamp.

Other things that happened this week:

-We had Christmas at the Jakobsens house. It was so fun to get to
participate in some traditions from England :) They have these little
things called crackers that you open before you eat dinner (kinda like
a popper that has confetti in it). Basically, it has 2 ends, you pull
one and the person next to you pulls the other, then you get a fortune
and a paper crown. Amber was so sweet and bought Rootbeer and Big Red
gum for the Americans :)

-We had a traditional Christmas lunch at the Frederiksens and ate more
ris a la mande and got to play spoons and Blokus with the family

-We had a great lesson with one of our investigators and are going
back this week

-I gave a talk in sacrament meeting. I am still not even close to
being good at Danish, but it was amazing that the Lord really helped
me when I gave my talk and I was able to share the stories I wanted to
share without looking at my notes.

-We sang "We'll Bring the World His Truth" in sacrament meeting (in
Danish of course)

Love you all so much and hope you all have fun plans for New Year's Eve

Love always,

Søster Orgill
Søster Hall and I

The Roskilde Gågade (shopping street)
 at night, during December

Our last time together as a district

Peace and hugs

Caroling, Caroling

Caroling, Caroling

Familier og venner,

Well, first off, I thought I would share one of the few things I have
seen relating to pop culture. A man in our ward showed us a picture of
a meme he had seen on Facebook, something about Michelle campaigning
against obesity while Obama reaches for the Danish. Ha ha, we thought
it was pretty funny :)

Okay, back to mission stuff.

For all those who wanted to know...

Danish Christmas cookies= hard (as in solid)

Danish Christmas pastries= Good :)

I got a new companion this week. Her name is Søster Hall. She reported
to the MTC on April 10th, 2013 (my original entry date). She is hard
working and loves to talk to everyone, so it's great! I'm excited to
learn all I can from her in this transfer.

We went caroling a few times this week. One of the times, we got to a
door, asked if we could sing a Christmas song and sang. The man's name
is Mikkel. He seemed sincere in thanking us for our song and we have
an appointment to come back this week.

We also had the chance to visit a plejehjem (nursing home) in our
area. They graciously welcomed us in, we sang 4 songs and they invited
us to come back on Christmas. (They celebrate Christmas here on the
24th). So we will get to sing and visit with them tomorrow. We are
really excited :)

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and I can't wait to share
some of the experiences I have with you on my two days of Christmas
here next Monday :) We have a lot of plans to see many people and I
can't wait, less than 24 hours before it begins :)

Love you all!

Med kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill
The Rocket
Anne Dorte, Sarah and I at the temple :)

Me with Santa

Me with Prancer

The decorating committee

Temple, Ward Party and Singing

Well, first off, we found out about transfers. I'm staying in Roskilde
and am super excited I get to be here longer :) It's been fun trying
to open up the area for sisters and my goal is to catch it on fire
before I leave, figuratively speaking, of course.

Another one of those eventful weeks... the kind that even though you
usually write in your journal every single night, you run completely
out of time to write in your journal 4 nights in a row! So I'm hoping
I can back track it all tonight.

Sarah from my last ward asked me to come to the temple with her and a
few others last week. She was going through for the first time and I
got to go! What a joyous experience. I feel so blessed that I was
close enough to go and that my companion was willing to come with me

While at the temple, I saw a handful of familiar faces. Because of
that, it felt just like the San Antonio temple to me. Of course, San
Antonio will always be my first home.

We also met with the Bagel Shop employee. We gave him a copy of the
Restoration film. He said he is going to watch it. We'll be back this
week to see what he thought of it.

We went to dinner at a member's house this week and they had a
Christmas cd in. Two of the songs on it were Panis Angelicus and Pie
Jesu. Totally reminded me of being in choir. I was trying to hum Panis
Angelicus under my breath while we were eating while it was playing,
but that song is so high that it is impossible. None of the other
missionaries knew it.

The ward Christmas party was a success. We were enlisted in decorating
once again with Sini and Amber as decorating co-chairs. It was quite
the event! Complete with a Danish gift Exchange (where you roll for a
certain number and then grab the wrapped present of your choice, there
are more rules, but not enough time), dancing around the Christmas
tree, the missionaries were assigned to do a skit and sing, there were
games and dinner and dessert.

Oh and yesterday, Sister Peterson and I sang O Holy Night in the ward.
I really never knew I would sing this much as a missionary, but I
absolutely love it. We are going to go caroling more this week and
next week to meet new people. I'm excited :)

Can't believe it is Christmas next week! Love you all so much!

Med kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill

P.S. I forgot to mention that last preparation day we went to Tivoli,
an amusement park. They had this really cool ride that I think was a
hundred years old. It was way fun. No seat belts, just a bar and you
could keep your purse or backpack with you. I lifted up my hands on
the ride and almost flew out. Ha ha, scary! But it was fun and it was
beautiful to see all the Christmas lights that covered the entire