Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My last area: Slagelse! :) I think I'm going to love it here!

Well, we had transfers today! I am in Slagelse with Sister Vige from Norway. I already love it! :) It was pouring when I got here, so I am all wet right now, but it's kind of fun :)

I know I am going to love it here and give it my all. I have TONS of people to meet quick, but I am so so happy about it.

We met with Peter again last week. It was great! We brought a member and he's really trying to figure out if this is the right church for him to join. I'll let you know if I hear anything new from what happens with him.

We visited Kronborg Castle last week, Hamlet's castle. I have TONS of pics. I'm sending them to my mom and most of them will be up on my blog.

Love you all!

Søster Orgill

Training, Transfers, and Service Projects

I just got transfer calls. I'm going to Slagelse and will be companions with Søster Vige who is from Norway. So next week I will be emailing from Slagelse!

Love you all!

Søster Orgill

Familier og Venner,

The man we met again at 8:57pm last week? His name is Peter. He is great! We met with him and he told us he had many questions. He asked us if we worshipped Joseph Smith. We told him that we didn't. We are grateful for Joseph Smith and honor him for all he did, but we do not worship him. We pray to our Heavenly Father through the name of the Savior. He next told us he had a question about temples, what they are used for and why are they important, but he told us we could answer it after our lesson. He said it all made sense. We are meeting with him again this Saturday.

Our 4th of July:
We had zone training in Roskilde. Our opening song was the Star Spangled Banner. We had no lyric sheet though... poor Sister Vige (from Norway) and the guest speakers... Then, we headed to a service project for a man who lives at the very border of our boundary and Roskilde's. He is moving to Arizona and needs help getting his house ready to sell (painting, tiling, removing weeds and rocks from the garden, etc). Sister Packard and I spent 4 and 1/2 hours working on the garden/yard area and were only able to complete a little strip of it while another set of missionaries painted and another set helped him move things. After we finished, him and his neighbors (who are members) barbequed some meat and we ate a delicious dinner. To finish off? Ice cream and some sparklers and a couple old fireworks.

We got a ride to the train station, took an S train to Husum, and watched our bus drive away as we were running to the bus stop. We realized we were going to have to walk home. As we approached our street, it was pretty late. I was starting to get nervous because there are always a much of drunk people at the corner of the street. I started getting really paranoid that something might happen to us. I asked Sister Packard if we could say a prayer. I prayed telling Heavenly Father that I was sorry we were out after curfew, but that we missed our bus and asked if He could protect us as we continued to walk home. After I said, "amen," I immediately felt at Peace and I was not scared at all. We made it home safely!

Other Things that happened this week:

-A less active member asked us to make her dinner. We did and her friend from The Netherlands was there. We got to talk to him about the church.
-We had media training at zone training and practiced answering tough questions (a follow up to last year's training
-The Rolling Stones came to Roskilde, therefore the trains we packed with people and their cases of beer so they could see them.
-We got to a train station and waited for our train... no one else was there... our train never came... we are really confused as to why. Luckily, the elders were able to pick us up to take us home or else it would have been a long, late bike ride home.

Things are going well. I have NO idea if I will stay here for my last transfer or go to a new area. I will most likely find out today. All mail that is sent the mission office will still get forwarded to me, so if you want to write me a letter, I'm still going to respond to you :) Send it to the office and it will get to me within 2 days after it gets to the mission office.

Random facts about Denmark and Danes:
1. Texas Thunderstorms don't exist here. I definitely miss the thunder and lightning
2. Danes are really into celebrating their wedding anniversaries here. Especially their copper wedding, silver and gold.

Madonna was wrong when she said, "time goes by so slowly." So was Tyson from All-American Rejects when he said, "time is stands still." It's going WAY fast! I only have 6 weeks left, but I know there are many people I need to meet still! I'm excited to meet them and help them all I can.

Love you all!

Søster Orgill

Miracles Can Happen... Even if You Only Have 3 Minutes to Spare!

Familiar og venner!

Sorry, this email is going to be really short, but I sent pics to my mom so that should cover us for the week :)? Ha ha

Things went really well this week:

-We had 5 appointments fall through, but met some great people
-At 8:57pm last night, I saw a man, felt we needed to go bike and talk to him. Turns out that we had contacted him before (thankfully Sister Packard remembered his name) #compunity and he says he wants us to come on Saturday so that he can ask us a bunch of questions he has had about the Book of Mormon! :) He said he started reading it and has been trying to ask his friends about it, but then didn't really know anything.
-This week, the majority of Danes celebrated Sankt Hans Aften... they burn a fake witch on the day of the year with the most sunlight

Life's going well. Miracles are happening here. I know Heavenly Father is watching over you and me.

Søster Orgill

How is Time Going So Fast?

Dear family and friends,

Here's some stuff that happened this week:

-Last preparation day we went to Copenhagen and got a pedicure by fish eating our dead skin. It really tickled and didn't work too well, but it was a fun experience. We took a video of us squeeling and squirming the first minute of it :)

-We went on exchanges in Slagelse. It is a little city, so cute! Yes, it is more like Jylland there. We participated in several heart attacks to doors. I was on exchanges with Sister Vige who is from Norway. Norwegian and Danish are very similar, but Sister Vige still has learned Danish so that she can clearly communicate. She's awesome! Anyway, she is really good at researching ancestors, so at one of our appointments with an investigator, she researched for the investigator and I just "happened" to pull out my plan of salvation cutouts and taught the investigator the whole lesson. I loved it and it was perfect because I had no idea how to help her find ancestors and so I could do something that was useful :)

-We helped a family move back into the ward

-A member who we are working with to get back to the temple gave us a referral

-Something happened to Søster Packard's eye. We went to the doctor for her and the doctor Googled it... yep ha ha. Welcome to Denmark :)

-We met with an investigator who we'd never met before. He said that he feels really good about meeting and thinks it should be more often. We have a reoccuring appointment ;)

-We didn't have a lot of numbers this week, but it was a week full of miracles and it's the people that matter.

-I love saying hi to everyone on the street. My favorite is when they act surprised and ask if we know each other, but it's a great contacting approach :)

But things are going really well here. The only thing that is scary is that time is FLYING.

Love you all!

Med kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill

P.S. Denmark randomness:

-There are not many jay walkers here. Danes are very obedient to stoplights
-The library we go to has no personnel the majority of the time, we can just use our card and pin code to get in. They are very trusting.
-Danes often use the Word "funny" wrong... for example if I were to say,
"I got to see my Dad for the first time in 10 years yesterday"
"Oh, how funny!"

It's weird how fun and funny are so different!