Monday, November 25, 2013

Sister Orgill and Sister Petersen

Picture with the man who plays the Savior in 
“Finding Christ”.

A Familiar Face/ Forgotten French

Familier og venner,

We walked outside this morning and saw the ground was covered in snow…
actually it’s more like little pieces of hail everywhere… I wonder if
it will ever be powdery snow (that’s my favorite kind). It was only
day one of snow so only time will tell, but hey, that means Christmas
is around the corner! Good thing our ward is planning a Christmas
party that we can invite people to. We are excited for this month
since we can be pretty creative with finding people.

One miracle from this week: we had about 30 minutes before an
appointment we had with a new member. We decided to ring the call
boxes in the areas apartments and see if we could talk with anyone who
would let us in. It was getting dark and the street was all wet… so
there weren’t many people out of the streets. We rang a bunch of call
boxes. One guy let us in, but then he told us he was not interested.
We walked back outside and then we saw a lady who looked familiar.
Three weeks ago, we had seen her on the street and asked her for
directions to an address we were looking for. We said hi to hear and
retold her that we were missionaries and we visit people and share
more about the Savior. She said we could visit her sometime! It was
way cool. So she gave us her address and we made an appointment.

The appointment went great! She is wicken. We talked about the
similarities and differences between what we believe and invited her
to read 2 Nephi 33. We are going to meet with her again this week :)

The same night, we ran into a man who only spoke French. Sister
Peterson told him I could speak French. I tried, but I could not even
think of a word in French! Finally, I thought of one word… “pourquoi”
which means “why,” but I could not even think how I could ask why he
was here. We gave him a and that was it. Wow, so much for 5
years of French… After he left, I just kept trying to even think of
one sentence I could have said in French, only Danish words were
coming to mind. The only thing I can think of is that maybe because I
was called to speak in Danish, not French? Hmm… oh well, maybe I can
restudy French one day :)

Also this week, we sang in church again. We sang Joseph Smith’s First
Prayer (in Danish) to the tune of Come Thou Fount. Elder Hammond
played the piano, I sang soprano, Sister Peterson sang alto and Elder
Metcalf, Elder Carmack and Elder Ockey sang Tenor and Bass. It went
well and the ward asked Sister Peterson and I to help sing with the
primary in the primary program next month and we will be singing at
the ward Christmas party, too. We sure sing a lot here, but it is a
great way to bring in the spirit.

Jeg elsker jer!

Med kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Together again...and visit to the Roskilde Cathedral

Great to be back together! Can't believe we are all on Sjælland! 
The typical Orgill sandwich picture and hoisting up 
the former MTC district leader.
The MTC district- reunited, without the Icelanders

Attending a funeral in the
Roskilde Cathedral
 Lutheran Church of Denmark
with Priest Ingrid Salinas

The Star mural with Ingrid Salinas a friend of
my mom's from when she was in high school.

This was a tough dandelion! We accidently got off at 
one or two stops too early, but it was a nice walk to
Svogerslev :) Clear skies, a little chilly

Really cool parking lot that has Christmas lights 
that look like stars above the cars! :)

Thanksgiving, Family History, a Funeral

Kære familier og venner!

I hope all is well for everyone reading this. I am assuming most of
you are preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Last week, we had a combined zone conference and had a mini
Thankgiving celebration consisting of a turkey bowl (American
football), zone training (great talks, inspiration and setting new
missionary goals for the month), Thanksgiving dinner (I just missed
the Orgill cranberry sauce and the pies in every flavor thanks to Stu
every year) and then, a talent show! My companion and I let 5 other
sisters in a remix of the song Give Said the Little Stream. It ended
up turning out pretty cool, and the great acoustics were a plus, too!

Another fun thing this week: This lady in my ward made tortilla soup
since she wanted to make a recipe from home :)

There were so many great things that happened this week.

On Tuesday, we were walking down the street and noticed an elderly
lady standing on a ladder trying to clean her windows. We asked if she
needed help. She said she did not, but then we just started to tell
her a little about who we were and that if she ever needed anything,
we love to do service. She found out we were Mormon and got really
excited because she said her great uncle was mormon and she had found
some things about her ancestors on that she wanted to
show us! She invited us in, we chatted about it, shared a hymn, she
gave us some saft and then invited us back. We are so excited to help
her find more about her family!

On Saturday, we met my Mom's friend from high school, Ingrid. She is
so nice! We had planned to come and meet here. She ended up having to
be in charge of a funeral since she is a Priest and we got to go. It
was really neat to attend and witness more Danish culture. They had
real candles in the church on every bench and a row of flowers down
the aisle. A large majority of the program was singing. The program
consisted of lyrics to all six of the hymns we sang. We are glad we
had the opportunity to be there.

It was interesting talking to Ingrid because she had not known prior
what church we were members of, but as I was talking to her she told
me she was surprised that my mom had changed religions because when
she said she could remember that my mom was a devout Baptist. I told
her that I didn't know that, but I did know my mom is very dedicated
and true to what she believes and that it must have been right after
Ingrid went back to Denmark that my mom started attending The Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and found out for herself it was
true. She's put her whole heart into the faith she has and continues
to share it with others. I'm so grateful for my mom's example to me.

Sister Peterson and I talked with Ingrid a lot of our beliefs,
including what happens after death, the role of baptism, the schedule
of a missionary and the process of getting a mission call. She is such
a sweetheart and had made us bread, took us out to lunch at this cute
cafe and showed us around one of her Cathedrals. It was gorgeous! I
told her that it was the most beautiful one I had been into compared
to the ones I had seen in USA, France and England. It's true though.
Possibly because of the star mural :)

Anyway, it was a great week!

Hope all is well wherever you are reading this.

Love always,

Søster Orgill
Roskilde Beach and cows, ha ha :)

Free bread, spit and meeting Tomas

Here are some things that have happened this week:

1.Visited the city Køge (which is also in our area) so we could go
meet some less actives and previous investigators

-Ate dinner there at a pizza place. The owner came up and gave us 2
free pastries after we were finished and then gave us a loaf of french
bread to take home! So nice of him. We left a card with a
thank you note on it and will definitely be back!

-This seven year old on a scooter saw us coming down the street. He
put his hand up as to have us stop. We stopped and asked what we could
do for him. He stood for a minute in silence and then spit on my
companion and then just stared at us. Ha ha, we had no idea what to
do. We laughed and were confused. Then, I realized I didn't want him
to have a bad impression of the church since how many times do you see
sister missionaries in your life? So I pulled out a mint and gave it
to him and told him it was from the USA. He was surprised. Looked
curiously at me, licked it and then put it in his mouth. I told him to
have a nice day and he told us to as well. I think he was blown out of
the water that we were nice to him, so I'm thinking he now has had a
good experience with missionaries and maybe he's remember for next
time he sees us :)

2. Met Tomas Kofod, the actor who plays the Savior in "Finding Faith
in Christ". We took a group pic with him... coming soon and he thanked
us for all the work we do here as missionaries. He was so nice! He
also apologized that his hair is a little longer right now since he is
playing a role in Les Miserables pretty soon.

3. Door contacting this week:

-A guy answered the door and hid behind it the whole time, we talked
for about 5 minutes. We are pretty sure he didn't have clothes on
since he hugged the door the whole time, we could only see his face
and neck.

-Talked to this lady that could not even really remember her name it
seemed and she just bent down and spoke through a crack of the door
the whole time.

But things are going well. We have a busy week planned and are excited
for more adventures here in Roskilde (and Køge). I know Heavenly
Father wants me here at this time and that his timing for everything
is so perfect.

Love you all!

Med kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill

Monday, November 11, 2013

Cool house slippers at the Borups house :)

Book tree we found and added a
Mormons Bog to the Collection ;)

The district at the Ward Halloween party that we 
have just been informed will be annual from now on!

Halloween day!

Halloween Dinner at Tina's

We got mail today in costume on the way to the ward party

Us with Naja :) and the cool background Sini in our ward made

Our district after the Ward Soccer Activity

 Cute puppy at the Borups' house

Lockdown and Halloween party

Lockdown and Halloween party

Last preparation day it was SUPER windy. I really thought we were

going to get blown away or tree would fly out of it's roots and hit us

or something. I kept telling Sister Peterson that I thought the wind

was so strong that something might hit us, but she doubted it. Then,

we found out that there was a hurricane near! We were talking to this

man while waiting for a bus and the wind was just going wild and was

shocked we hadn't heard anything about it yet.

We got home and then received word that President did not want us to

go out the rest of the evening because it was too dangerous. Pretty


On Halloween, we had a dinner appointment with Tina and her mom! They

were so sweet and made everything perfect for the occassion, They also

required us to dress up, so we ended up just being 50s girls. And for

the spiritual thought we talking about Trick or Treating, but about

how with the Savior, there are no tricks and that we need not fear.

Isaiah 41:10. Then we sang How Firm a Foundation (In Danish).

The Halloween party was a success! I was so nervous because we had

only suggested the idea 3 weeks ago and the missionaries were in

charge of it, the members helped out so much! For dinner: Chilli over

rice, salads, bread, cupcakes and apple crumble. We had face painting,

bobbing for apples, mummy wrap, musical chairs with Halloween music

and then casting plates of whipped cream at the missionaries (the

elders' idea). Naja came and loved it!

Pretty crazy week, but we did find two great potential investigators

who invited us to come back, so we are going to meet with them this


Life is beautiful.

-Søster Orgill