Monday, December 2, 2013

Stopping for Lunch / 9 months

Familier og venner,

Happy December!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. We got to
stop by the lighting of the Christmas tree here in Roskilde the other
day. It was so fun. They were selling churros, they had an elementary
school kid group singing Danish Christmas songs on a stage and an
orchestra all dressed in Santa like outfits. Oh and they have hung up
artificial trees and lights all over the shopping streets. We went
with Frely, the lady we ran into last week on the street whom had
given us directions before. She is so nice. She did end up reading the
chapter we had invited her to read and said it was like the bible.
We're meeting with her again this week.

We had a district activity last Wednesday and got to visit the Viking
Ship Museum (where they have pieced parts of 5 viking ships that were
found in the beach here). We got to learn about vikings and dress up
like them, too!

After that, we ate lunch at a bagel shop that's kinda set up like
Subway. It was just us 6 missionaries at the restaurant, so he asked
us lots of questions about what we believe. He is Muslim and thought
the Book of Mormon sounded interesting. We gave him one and invited him
to read Moroni 10. He said he would, we're going to go back sometime
to see what he thought.

Then, we visited the Domkirke. It was really cool! All the Kings and
Queens of Denmark are buried there. It's cool to see the influence of
many different centuries in the one building.

Sister Peterson and I have officially been out for 9 months. So, I
stuck with my molten lava cake tradition and we made a wish on our
last 9 months, how we want them to go :)

Hope all is well in the U.S. and that you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Love always,
Søster Orgill

P.S. Next week, we are going to Tivoli for p day so the email next

week may be very very short.

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