Monday, December 16, 2013

A Birthday and Hurricane

Hey family and friends,

- It was Sister Peterson's birthday on Tuesday. I decided to break the
rule about not getting up before your companion to surprise her. I
blew up glow stick balloons, decorated and waited outside the bedroom
door until her alarm went off... then I rushed in with the glowing
balloons (it was perfect since it was still dark outside) and sang our
favorite birthday song in Danish. Ha ha, it was WAY fun :)

We had a Christmas Zone Conference this week:
- Sister Peterson and I sang O Holy Night between training. We were
nervous. She sang alto and I sang soprano. The arrangement we have is
super high. The highest note was a high C, but I think it turned out
-We ate the traditional Danish Christmas meal which I have explained
in earlier emails :)
-President let us all watch a movie called Ephraim's Rescue as part of
the conference. It's about a pioneer trek. There is this part in it
when a girl and a guy kiss. It was really funny because as
missionaries, we don't watch movies that aren't missionary/church
related and don't date/kiss anyone so we can focus on our purpose
while here. You could just feel the room fill with the awkwardness all
40 of us felt, ha ha. But yeah, that was pretty funny.

- We met with Frely again. We had originally planned on talking about
the Restoration of the Gospel, but plans changed while we were there.
Sister Peterson opened up her scriptures and showed her a Picture of
her Family. That sparked the idea for me to pull out the one picture I
had of my family from my Grandma's baptism. I showed Frely and then we
started talking about following in the Savior's example (faith,
repentance, baptism, gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end).
It was cool how it just led right into that.

- We had another lock-in this week. A hurricane was in the area, so
President told us we had to stay in the rest of the day. It was some
pretty crazy wind outside! We were talking to a lady the next day and
she said the storm blew her bike over while she was riding with her
kid in the back! Scary!

- We've killed 63 spiders in the Roskilde Apartment so far

Well, that's some of what went on this week...

Oh and this is a cute little clip about the true meaning of Christmas
that I wanted to share.

Love you all so much!

Søster Orgill

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