Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I just got a new companion today. Crazy, huh? Sister Briscoe and I
were only together 5 weeks, but it was a great 5 weeks. Very
productive and lots of fun.

I apologize, the email today is not going to be very long because I
have to pick out my classes for school that I will be taking the
fall... Wow, time really flies, like a hawk (șoim).

Things that happened this week:

-We met 3 new Romanians when we decided to go check out VIA University
College to see if we could do some service projects on campus.
-We met with Kaj who just got baptized. His girlfriend lives in Fiji
right now and apparently she has decided she wants to visit the church
there sometime soon to see what it is like!
-We had a missionary zone conference in Aarhus. The theme was family
history and we talked about the importance of stories and pictures,
how learning of our ancestors can bring us closer to our family. It's
a great conversation starter, too! We were encouraged to learn more
about and then help others use the free site to find
their families. So that's the theme of the week. We decided we wanted
to share the website with Ankhaa who has come to institute and church
a few times. Sister Briscoe and I brought out family history charts.
While we were there, Sister Briscoe starts listing off some of the
names of her ancestors. She said, "Parshall Terry III" and then I
freaked out! That's my relative, too! Turns out we have the same great
great great great grandparents! Who knew, right? It was so cool! We
hugged like 8 times and now call each other cousin.
-The flowers have begun to blossom here, it is gorgeous! I will take
some pictures this week.
-We had Stake Conference this weekend. I loved being able to see
people from Fredericia ward. I just love being here :)
-Oh and we had dinner one last time (the weekly Missionary and
Romanian dinner) before Sister Briscoe and Elder Christensen left. It
went really well and I wrote a song and dedicated it to all of us.
-My new companion is Sister Pearson. We were companions with Sister
Peterson at the MTC together. I'm excited to serve with her again.

The sun is shining, life is good.

Love you all so much!

Søster Orgill

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