Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Time Has Come... We Can't Even Remember Band Names!

Dear friends and family,

Things are going really well. We were in Odense this week for exchanges and Copenhagen for Leadership Council. We will be visiting Vejle, Fredericia and Aarhus this week for exchanges and zone training. Travel much? Ja, tak! 

As a mission we are studying the Book of Mormon

Random story. Kind of like a "you know you are on your mission when..." story. We were on the train the other day and there was a song playing. I started talking to Sister Pearson about it, here is our conversation:

Sister Orgill "This song kind of reminds me of the band 'Who is We'"
Sister Pearson "Oh yeah, they sing a song I really like...
Sister Orgill "Which one?"
Sister Pearson "The one about Juliet"
Sister Orgill "Check Yes, Juliet? I think that actually might be a different band."
Sister Pearson "Oh that's right... yeah, it's 'We Three Kings' that sings that one."

We soon realized that both of the bands we named off were not the actual names of the bands...

It's "He is We" and "We The Kings"

Fun times.

Rado came to church yesterday. He was one of the ones who had come to institute and bore his testimony on the sacrifice the Savior made for us. I had to translate church for him. Oh man, it was way hard! There were 2 speakers that I had an especially hard time translating. Sister Pearson and Elder Ockey both gave talks in Sacrament meeting so that was nice to translate since I can understand everything they say. It was also nice because Sister Pearson quoted Joseph Smith's first vision in her talk. Thanks to Tennessee, I already had it memorized in English as well. Just to let you know, there is not a day that goes by that Sister Pearson and I do not reference Tennessee. We feel so blessed we had the opportunity to serve there!

But yeah, I've decided I do not want to be a translator after the mission. I'll use Google for that ;)

Happy April Fool's tomorrow! Do something crazy and tell me about it :)

Love always,

Søster Orgill

P.S. Jeff, my brother on a mission in California, turns 20 today! Crazy! I miss him! He's so awesome!

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