Thursday, March 7, 2013

First Week at the MTC

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow, I've been here for over a week! Pretty crazy! It has gone by so fast. The days are long, but the weeks are short. That's what they tell you when you first come in, but it is absolutely the truth. When I first got to the MTC, an elder helped me with my suitcases and I was immediately taken to different stations. I got my key, signed some papers, was asked if I had already been set apart, they gave me my books, my schedule,... It is SO organized here!

A sister who was assigned to be my host for the first 15 minutes took me to my room, let me drop off my luggage and then walked me to class. My friend, Boman Stacey, is one of my MTC teachers and he was teaching that day. It was fun to see him and meet the three elders (Elder Child, Elder Peterson and Elder Earl- a trio companionship) and my companions, Sister Peterson and Sister Pearson. We are a trio, too. Basically, we can't go anywhere without each other, but it's fun :) In class, Brother Stacey only spoke to us in Danish. Pretty crazy, but fun! It made me excited to dive into the lessons. Our district is all six of us and then also the Icelandic elders, Elder Kundsen and Elder Lyman. We are a VERY energetic group. We always eat, pray and do as much as we can a district.

I have been really sick this past week, but my district was really nice to me and Elder Lyman and Elder Earl gave me a blessing and then Elder Earl (our district leader) gave my companions and I permission to go back to our room early. My companions were really nice to me and let me relax and try to get feeling better. I love my district. They are like my MTC family.

We then got to go to an opening devotional. They had each missionary stand when their state or country was called. It was so neat to see how everyone was from a variety of places. My highlight of that day was getting to sing, "We'll Bring the World His Truth." The words were changed in the song for us to apply it to today. We sang, "and we are now the Lord's missionaries" instead of "we will be the Lord's missionaries." I'll never forget the feeling I felt that day. I know that this truly was a part of the Lord's plan for me all along and am glad that we are able to have the spirit guide us and direct us daily since we could not make it without His help.

Kellyisms (this section was inspired by my little brother):

-I tried to jump down two steps and fell on my rear on the last one. Ha ha :) I'll try to be more careful.
-I was talking to some missionaries in a room and then someone came over and asked us to be quieter... I think I was laughing really loud... typical.
-I asked my teacher, Brother Pullan what his name was (in Danish) instead of asking where he was from... and then the whole conversation sounded awkward

Each day, we teach a girl who pretends to be an investigator (except for p-day and Sundays). She is supposed to only speak Danish to us. We usually write everything down and read it when we "teach" her. The first time we did it, we had NO idea what she was saying whenever she would respond to us. It was pretty crazy. But I have definitely seen the Lord's help in us learning throughout this entire week. By our third lesson, we learned that when we listen and when we are able to say things without reading them straight out of our notebooks, we can feel the spirit more often and can more easily find the direction that would more specifically speak to our investigator.

The MTC is amazing. I love it! Days are filled with constant personal study, language study, companion study, spiritual lessons, Danish lessons, eating, working out, devotions, district meetings, etc. And it is the best! I haven't fallen asleep in class yet because it is all so interesting :)

I have learned so much here. Today we got to the go to the temple and we got to walk the grounds on Sunday. It is funny because it seems like we are living in a different world. We hardly ever see outside the gates of the MTC and we don't hear about weather, news, etc. Ha ha.

We only have 30 min each week to email, but I will try to include as much as I can each week. Oh and is the fastest way to get a hold of me. Email is hard to read quickly and respond.

Love always,

Soster Orgill

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