Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Half way done.... What?

Already the time of the first half of my MTC experience is gone! I can't even believe it! In less than that, I will be heading out to the field. I am so excited! Yet, at the same time, I am excited to be here for another two/three weeks.

So on Sunday, it was Saint Patrick's day in the MTC! Seventy percent of all the missionaries were wearing GREEN! It was way fun! I was so impressed with the holiday spirit. Totally made my day!

So I'll try to explain my class, district and zone really quick.

My class consists of me and my two companions and then a trio of elders (all going to Denmark, Danish speaking).

My district consists of my class and then the class of the two elders going to the Denmark mission, Icelandic speaking (aka, they will only be in Iceland on the mission).

My zone consists of missionaries in my district and districts of missionaries going to The Netherlands (Dutch speaking), Sweden and Norway.

We used to have like 60 missionaries in our district, but then all the missionaries left to head out to the field except for our district and three of the Dutch elders. On Sunday, It was only US! Pretty crazy! So sacrament was just our Branch presidency and the 11 missionaries plus we also had a temporary extra companion, Sister Briscoe. She is already fluent in Danish since she lived there for 2 years (because of her dad's job). She got here the same day we did, but still doesn't have her visa to leave so she had to stay here a few days to get reassigned to another mission until she gets her visa. She did the 2 week English program and then switched over to be with us for a couple days and is now serving in Ohio. Getting visas to Europe has become quite the challenge with all the new missionaries. There are so many issues with them. We'll see what happens with ours. Hopefully it all goes well. The good thing is, the Lord is in charge and he knows what is best for us and the people we will serve, so I know it all happens for a reason.

Before the Sunday devotional, we went to choir practice for singing in the choir before Tuesday night's devotional. Apparently someone had heard it would be a big speaker or something because we have over 850 missionaries show up to choir practice and only 550 can sit in the choir seats! We all practiced and then the choir director told us that we had to come early and fight the crowd on the day of if we wanted to be in it.

The Sunday Speaker was Robert P. Swensen. When President Roach (a counselor in the MTC presidency) was introducing Elder Swensen, he accidentally said that Elder Swensen served in 18?? instead of 19??. The entire room chuckled because somehow it just seemed really funny. So when Elder Swensen got up to speak, he said, "I bring the love of President John Taylor with me" (The third modern day prophet). It was SO funny! And then he said that he noticed everyone was wearing green and asked if we had any leprechauns in the audience. Then he had the missionaries going to Ireland stand up and told them that all the missionaries were just celebrating their mission. His talk was awesome and he reminded us that a missionary tag is one of the most recognized symbols in the world and that we should respect that and remember to be a good representative of the Savior, especially since we are literally wearing his name on us.

So Tuesday comes, Sister Nielsen shows up to teach us. We tried to ask her (in Danish) if we could get out early to go to choir because it is so competitive. She let us leave class an hour early! She is SUCH as sweet heart!

We went to choir practice and that's when we find out the news... they are going to record the choir that evening and use it in a video that will be shown between the Saturday General Conference sessions. We sang the song, "Like Ten Thousand Legions Marching." It's an amazing hymn. I had never sung it before. But, I do want to share a line from it. As we were waiting for sound checks, we got to look over the music and I read the words and felt their power. "Come ye nations out of darkness, 'tis the times of Christ's return. Heed the restorations message, let's it's light within you burn." That is the reason I am here. To be an instrument to the Lord in helping him spread the good news that we can return to live with him and have eternal happiness by having faith in him, changing our ways, completing the ordinances necessary for salvation and striving to "enjoy to the end" as Brother Pullan says.

Yesterday was a great day, too. Somehow, all of us sisters ended up getting package slips in our mailbox, but the office was closed to go pick them up. So we tried to do it at breakfast, but the office didn't open until 8am. Brother Pullan was SUPER nice and told us that we could come back and pick them up on our walk. He always takes us on a walk each day to try to give us some variety in our day.

All of our teachers are so kind to us and really care about serving us. I am so grateful for them and their many talents.

Random news:

-A bat was flying around in our residence halls. It apparently flew in through a window. It kept flying around in circles on our floor, the third floor. I thought it was really cute. I think I like bats :) Just not vampire bats... I read a children's book in a library about 2 or 3 years ago how those one actually can draw blood from you... creepy.

-Apparently we can now email family, friends and new investigators, but they have not really given us any extra time to do that yet. I'll let you know if/when that happens. As for now, my email time is still limited on p days. is the best way to send letter these next 2-3 weeks because I get them every week night. It's nice to read the letters on the way back to class.

Crazy Kelly moments:

-I painted my nails really quickly before class began. Brother Pullan walked in and thought I was crazy, but he let me paint the last two before we started.

-I asked Brother Pullan to teach us the alphabet. He did and then I asked if he could teach us the word you say when you are talking about the three strange new letters in Danish. Then he repeated what he had told us because OBVIOUSLY they are called what the letter is called. Ha ha. I don't know if that makes sense. Hard to explain. But yeah, my point is that my question was super dumb. Ha ha. oops :)

Jeg elsker jer meget mange!

Love always,
Soster Orgill

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