Sunday, March 17, 2013

We are given weaknesses to be humbled

Dear family and friends,

Wow! I have already been here for 2 weeks! This is crazy! I am a third done with my MTC experience!

Being in a trio companionship is challenging. However, I guess it just prepares you for being a future family. Sometimes my companions or I will forget our ID card that we use to swipe for lunch and to open doors so we end up having to head back and get it... and since we are in a companionship, we have to go together. Another thing that is hard with companions is lesson planning. Sister Pearson and Sister Peterson sit next to each other and sometimes turn in to each other, away from me, when they have an idea they want to talk about. They don't mean to try to hide their ideas, it's just they don't want to be loud. So I told them one day, "Do you think we could maybe form like a little semi circle when we plan our lesson? Sometimes, I feel like I miss things because I can't hear very well when you are whispering to each other. Sorry, haha, I just want to make sure I know what is going on in the lesson." Two days later, we our practice investigator became our teacher. Her name is Sister Nielson. When she teaches, she speaks softly. She's really nice and I like her, however, the first day, I felt like her voice was putting me to sleep because it seems so relaxed. I told my companions that her quieter voice seemed to make me feel a little tireder that day and then Sister Peterson said, "well, maybe you could ask her to speak up since you are hard of hearing." hahahahaha I started laughing so hard! Both of my companions thought I was hearing impaired because of the conversation I had with them the other day. Luckily, I got to tell them the truth. I laughed about it for a full 2 days afterward haha.

I have taken my dad's advise in learning the articles of faith in Danish. It is difficult because I can't pronounce them super well, but luckily I can either ask my teacher how to pronounce certain words or I can tell him to just try to listen to the word when we have language lab time.

I try to memorize a new one each time I go to the gym. It keeps me preoccupied. I just write it down on notebook paper and then I bring it with me and say it over and over and over for 30 min while I am on the elliptical machine. The machines are right next to the track so anyone who is running passes me. We dish out encouraging words to each other as we are exercising hard. Good times. Anyway, I have now memorized the first 4 articles of faith and let me tell you something that I have noticed. Yesterday, I was memorizing them and they did not seem to flow, so I said a prayer in my head that the Lord would help me and then after the prayer, the words just seemed to flow out of my mouth since I could recall all of them. I felt so blessed because I knew the Lord was helping me. The Lord was able to make up for my weakness because I had put all my effort into it and then realized I could not do it alone. Miracles like this occur everyday, just sometimes we forget to stop and see them.

I have found that p day is the most stressful day. I think it is because it is the one time when you have to worry about yourself. With fitting in laundry, letter writing, cleaning, etc it becomes stressful to write everyone when you are trying to cram it into a short period of time. For me, this is teaching me that forgetting yourself really does bring more joy.

It's still weird not to hug any of my guy friends at the MTC, but I thought I was used to it already... apparently not though... I was in the cafeteria and then my old home teacher (Tyler Bracken) called "Kelly, Sister Orgill!".
I freaked out because I didn't know who was calling me. When I saw his face, I bolted my arms toward him and immediately felt a feeling of rejection come over me. My happy face turned into a confused expression as I watched him draw his arms in to his body tight, step back and offer me a stiffly bented hand. I then remembered, I'm at the MTC! I can't hug guys! Ha ha... oops! :)

Elder Peterson in my district says that I remind him of his Aunt Laurie because she is a loud and friendly person. Usually, when I get up, I like to start singing.

There was one day this week that I was just so overcome with happiness. I didn't even know what to do because I felt like I had fireworks inside me and I wanted to just tell everyone I loved them because I could feel Heavenly Father's love so strongly for me.

I hope all is well at home, school, church, work or wherever you are.

I love you all so much!

Love always,

Soster Orgill

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