Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The quarterly Great Tullahoma City Clean up

Me with Christine

Nashville Tribute Band concert.
We brought Kristi and Tammy with us.
They loved it.

The band, their baby Becca, Kristi, me and Sister Tenny

I was brushing my teeth when Sister Pearson
decided it was funny that she was closer
to my height kneeling than standing.

Visa waitin’ Danes in the Zone

I made banana bread muffins with a fork!
Somehow they still turned out great!

Me with Abe.
He’s a mormon! J

Me with the catfish, Peachy Lips.
He was the first fish I caught.

Peachy Lips on a leash.

My four fish I caught.

My companions, Elder Carter and me
at Zone meeting in the
longest standing LDS chapel in the South States.

P Day without the trainers.
Hanging out with Evie.

Last district meeting in my first area in Tennessee.

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