Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Winchester Sisters

Mine familier og venner,

This week, Sister Tenny and I were visiting referrals. We are sharing the car right now with another set of sisters in Winchester who moved in, but mainly we have it still because they also have bikes and we do not. I am not allowed to drive the car because you have to fill out some forms, etc. and I am not here permanently anyway, the mission did not give them to me. But, I like having others drive all the time anyway. So Sister Tenny was driving. I was in the passenger seat. I can't see the gas gauge from there because of where it is placed on the driver’s side. All of the sudden, the car was slowing down. I looked at Sister Tenny and asked why she was going slower. It was dark outside and we were headed back to our apartment. She said that the gas light was on and that we had just run out of gas. So inside, I slightly panicked. Luckily, there was a gas station ahead. I told Sister Tenny, "Okay, here is the deal. I am not sure if this can work because I usually have seen two people or more pushing a car in neutral, but I am going to hop out, you put the car in neutral and I will push it, but I might need you to get out of the car and help if I can't get it to move." The second I get out of the car, it starts pouring rain! Ha ha! It was SO funny! :) I was laughing really hard and it made it kind of fun. Somehow, I was able to push the car to the gas station. However, then Sister Tenny opened her door and said "uhh... Sister Orgill... the gas cap is on the other side." So we had to push it out and push it back in to another one. That was more challenging because of the slight incline, so I had to have Sister Tenny push to get it up the little hill with me. It's a small town. No one else was around. Good times :) I'm glad the Lord made sure we were alright though.

Anyway, great week. I got to speak in church on Sunday.(However, the speaker system connected on the pulpit was kind of tall so people said they could only see my eyes when I was speaking, ha ha) Three of our investigators came to church! It was great!

Oh and I was teaching a lesson this week and was telling this lady to read in Mosiah Chapter 14, but I accidently said chapter in Danish... I can't think of how it is spelled right now, but its like "capital." I had no idea I said it, but my companion corrected me.

Anyway, things are going great here. We know that we will be able to make this branch a ward.

de kaerligste hisener,

Søster Orgill

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