Monday, October 28, 2013

New area, Roskilde.

Mine familier og venner!

I am in a new area, Roskilde.

It is crazy not to be in Vejle anymore. I sure loved it and would love
to go back one day!

So making the trek from Vejle to Roskilde was pretty crazy. I had my 2
large suitcase and a small one and my dyne bag, and my coat and my
purse. Ha ha. I'm sure it was pretty hilarious to see Sister Peterson
and I push our suitcases around the city, onto trains, in elevators,
on buses and up the streets. We did take a little video of us pushing
our suitcases in the final stretch, but it is too large to send.

Anyway, we got here and found out there are 3 area books full of
previous investigators. The ward has now been split into 3 areas for
missionary work. We wanted to know which of the old records would be
for our area, so there was only one way to find out... do some PR

We spent 5 hours looking up each address to see where it falls and
then looking up phone numbers and addresses with hardly any old
information we had from them to see if they still lived in the area.
In the end, now they are all seperated and we are ready to make many,
many visits!

It was so cool because we even found two old email addresses of
previous investigators and wrote them an email. I tried to figure out
what to write and then I remembered to use the tips that Michael
Smart, from Michael Smart PR, had given us on writing emails while I
was at BYU! It was cool to see that be incorporated in missionary

For those who wanted to know what went down for conference... On
Saturday, we watched the Relief Society broadcast at 4pm in Danish!,
then the live 1st session of conference at 6pm in English. Then on
Sunday, at 4pm we watched the 2nd session in English and at 6pm the
3rd live in English. Still never watched the 4th. I am hoping I get to
see it, but I might just have to read it next month.

Miracles of the week:

-We had prepared a message for Jan, but then I got the distinct
prompting to share a different message about the temple so we did that
-We met our neighbor this week and she was really friendly. She told
us we could come over sometime and she could teach us to make Danish
food (and we will talk about the church, too! :))

Love you all!

Søster Orgill

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