Monday, January 13, 2014

Temple, Ward Party and Singing

Well, first off, we found out about transfers. I'm staying in Roskilde
and am super excited I get to be here longer :) It's been fun trying
to open up the area for sisters and my goal is to catch it on fire
before I leave, figuratively speaking, of course.

Another one of those eventful weeks... the kind that even though you
usually write in your journal every single night, you run completely
out of time to write in your journal 4 nights in a row! So I'm hoping
I can back track it all tonight.

Sarah from my last ward asked me to come to the temple with her and a
few others last week. She was going through for the first time and I
got to go! What a joyous experience. I feel so blessed that I was
close enough to go and that my companion was willing to come with me

While at the temple, I saw a handful of familiar faces. Because of
that, it felt just like the San Antonio temple to me. Of course, San
Antonio will always be my first home.

We also met with the Bagel Shop employee. We gave him a copy of the
Restoration film. He said he is going to watch it. We'll be back this
week to see what he thought of it.

We went to dinner at a member's house this week and they had a
Christmas cd in. Two of the songs on it were Panis Angelicus and Pie
Jesu. Totally reminded me of being in choir. I was trying to hum Panis
Angelicus under my breath while we were eating while it was playing,
but that song is so high that it is impossible. None of the other
missionaries knew it.

The ward Christmas party was a success. We were enlisted in decorating
once again with Sini and Amber as decorating co-chairs. It was quite
the event! Complete with a Danish gift Exchange (where you roll for a
certain number and then grab the wrapped present of your choice, there
are more rules, but not enough time), dancing around the Christmas
tree, the missionaries were assigned to do a skit and sing, there were
games and dinner and dessert.

Oh and yesterday, Sister Peterson and I sang O Holy Night in the ward.
I really never knew I would sing this much as a missionary, but I
absolutely love it. We are going to go caroling more this week and
next week to meet new people. I'm excited :)

Can't believe it is Christmas next week! Love you all so much!

Med kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill

P.S. I forgot to mention that last preparation day we went to Tivoli,
an amusement park. They had this really cool ride that I think was a
hundred years old. It was way fun. No seat belts, just a bar and you
could keep your purse or backpack with you. I lifted up my hands on
the ride and almost flew out. Ha ha, scary! But it was fun and it was
beautiful to see all the Christmas lights that covered the entire

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