Sunday, September 22, 2013

All Things Happen for a Reason

Mine Familier og Venner,

So, last Tuesday, it was my 6th month mark on my mission. As you can see in the picture attached, I started a new tradition, "candles in a molten lava cake of the number of months you have left" instead of the old elder tradition of burning a shirt and a suit,...

mine is just at 6 months out- make a wish (on 12 candles) to how you want the next 12 months to go.

and at 12 months- make a wish (on 6 candles) to how you want the next 6 months to go.

Yep, yep. Anyway.

Oh and we attended the Medieval Festival in Horsens this week! It was amazing! There were so many people there who were dressed up! It was AWESOME! :) I've been to two medieval festivals in the U.S., but not were as "legit" as this! Even the trash cans looked like they were from the Medieval ages! They has people jousting and everything they sold looked super authentic. The people came from all over Europe. There was a medieval band from Czech Republic,... It was way cool. I took several pics and will attach them. We also got a little tour later in the week of Fredericia (where our Ward meets) and the history behind it. I'll send some of those pics, too :)

Miracle of the week:

We had a lesson/dinner appointment with a less active. We ended up arriving about 30 minutes early, so we tried to visit 1 less active and Grethe (a previous investigator) in the area. I have met Grethe before.

Rewind in time:
The first time, she told me she was not interested, but then somehow started talking about her family and I asked if I could see a picture of them, she got really excited and showed a couple to us. She said she didn't want to meet, but would appreciate it if we kept her in our prayers. The next time we came, she invited us in and we chatted for about 5-10 minutes. We couldn't tell if she was interested, but asked if would could come back to share a message (since her friend had just got there). She didn't want to commit to anything though... so we tried again the next week and she wasn't home.

Okay, back to where I left off in the first paragraph:
So we tried the less active, she was not home. We headed to Grethe's. On the way there, our investigator Jamshid ran into us and told us he has something wrong with his hand and he doesn't want to meet with us the next week. We asked if we could reschedule and he said, "Nej, tak." We figure we will try to stop by again in a month or two just to see if anything has changed.

So we knock on Grethe's door, she lets us in and immediately starts telling us all about the cancer she has and that she doesn't understand why she has it, or what the purpose is. She says that she is confused because "shouldn't [her] faith in Christ make her not have cancer?" And then she said she was worried about her kids and grandchildren because the doctors don't think she will live for much longer. She told us that she thought we were the ones that were destined to help her understand. We didn't have much time, but we started sharing a small portion of the plan of salvation and then asked if we could come back to tell her more the next week. The problem... we were COMPLETELY booked for the next eight days due to splits, zone training and other scheduled appointments, many are further out. She told us she was only home on the weekends. Then we remembered that Jamshid had cancelled his appointment with us and so that would be the only time we could fit her in if it was possibly a good time for her. It happened to be on FRIDAY! And she said it was perfect! What a miracle!

We won't forget able Jamshid, but right now, I think Grethe needs the gospel and we hope we can help her and her family see Heavenly Father's plan for them.

Jeg elsker jer!    meaning... I love you -plural form ;)

Med kærliste hilsener,

Søster Orgill

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