Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pluck Your Own Apple

Mine Familie og venner,

Well the week started off with Splits in Horsens with the Sister Training Leaders. It was great! They are very kind and we all learned what we could do to be better missionaries.

Oh and when we were in Horsens, we walked by a house with a sign that said we could pluck our own apples. They had three apple trees, completely full. Guess they wanted to get rid of some. Anyway, when picked one each and ate it. Fun times :)
Also this week... I received Word from Sister Hadley (my former companion who is now in Aalborg) week that, the guy that bought me an apple juice on the train a could weeks ago who I talked to about the church in English, has been meeting with the missionaries each week with his family! That is great news and I am so happy the Lord trusted me to be his instrument that day I met him on the train.

Trains are awesome! We met someone else on a train this week. His name was Mol. Sister Ripplinger and I both had this strong prompting that we should talk to him. I waited for a little bit trying to figure out what to say. Then I asked him how to pronounce a word in Danish. I told him about why we were here and he said he had seen missionaries in San Francisco before. Unfortunately, this was when the doors opened and we had to get off the train (without even knowing where he is from) but we gave him a card and he said he would look it up. We kept him in out prayers the whole day. I hope one day soon he is able to get directed to the church again.

Last thing, Friday night I started to get a sore throat, but hoped it would go away. By Saturday night, after one of our lessons, I was feeling really sick to my stomach and exhausted. We came home a little early because I felt so sick. I took a shower and even though water was warm, I had the chills, like I was freezing and I kept shaking uncontrollably, even when I got out of the shower which lasted about 15 minutes. We also found out my temperature was 103. Anyway, Sister Handley called the mission nurse and she said I should probably go to the hospital by the morning especially because of my temperature. Two ward members came over and gave me a blessing. As soon as they had finished the blessing, I really did feel like my fever had stopped climbing and I went to bed. In the morning, my fever was gone and I just had left over flu/ cold symptoms, but we were able to go to church. When I saw Bishop, he told me that he was surprised I was there and that it was a miracle. I am grateful for priesthood blessings that come straight from our Father in Heaven.

Med kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill

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