Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Queen

Kære søskende ("dear siblings"... but you can say that to everyone
because we are all one big family),

So this week, we received a call that there was someone in Jelling
(about 30 minutes away) who wanted a Book of Mormon. We were trying to
figure out when to go visit them and then happened to get a call from
a less active member in our ward who said he would love to take us to
Jelling to see the Queen of Denmark because it happened to be the
anniversary of the Jelling stone! So we went out there, got to see the
queen fly in (by helicopter) and were only about 5 feet away from her
at a couple points when she came to look at the Jelling stone! It was
a great experience because the member we were with helped us talk to
many people around us and we found someone who lives in Vejle that we
are going to go back to visit this week!

Another highlight this week was teaching Anne Lise. She has so much
faith and says she knows all she knows because of the spirit that she
feels and that she knows the church is true.

Anyway, we find out about transfers this week. I love Vejle, I'd love
to stay here another transfer, but I am happy to go somewhere else,
too if the Lord needs me some where else. We'll see what happens.


Søster Orgill

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