Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Free bread, spit and meeting Tomas

Here are some things that have happened this week:

1.Visited the city Køge (which is also in our area) so we could go
meet some less actives and previous investigators

-Ate dinner there at a pizza place. The owner came up and gave us 2
free pastries after we were finished and then gave us a loaf of french
bread to take home! So nice of him. We left a mormon.org card with a
thank you note on it and will definitely be back!

-This seven year old on a scooter saw us coming down the street. He
put his hand up as to have us stop. We stopped and asked what we could
do for him. He stood for a minute in silence and then spit on my
companion and then just stared at us. Ha ha, we had no idea what to
do. We laughed and were confused. Then, I realized I didn't want him
to have a bad impression of the church since how many times do you see
sister missionaries in your life? So I pulled out a mint and gave it
to him and told him it was from the USA. He was surprised. Looked
curiously at me, licked it and then put it in his mouth. I told him to
have a nice day and he told us to as well. I think he was blown out of
the water that we were nice to him, so I'm thinking he now has had a
good experience with missionaries and maybe he's remember for next
time he sees us :)

2. Met Tomas Kofod, the actor who plays the Savior in "Finding Faith
in Christ". We took a group pic with him... coming soon and he thanked
us for all the work we do here as missionaries. He was so nice! He
also apologized that his hair is a little longer right now since he is
playing a role in Les Miserables pretty soon.

3. Door contacting this week:

-A guy answered the door and hid behind it the whole time, we talked
for about 5 minutes. We are pretty sure he didn't have clothes on
since he hugged the door the whole time, we could only see his face
and neck.

-Talked to this lady that could not even really remember her name it
seemed and she just bent down and spoke through a crack of the door
the whole time.

But things are going well. We have a busy week planned and are excited
for more adventures here in Roskilde (and Køge). I know Heavenly
Father wants me here at this time and that his timing for everything
is so perfect.

Love you all!

Med kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill

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