Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Together again...and visit to the Roskilde Cathedral

Great to be back together! Can't believe we are all on Sjælland! 
The typical Orgill sandwich picture and hoisting up 
the former MTC district leader.
The MTC district- reunited, without the Icelanders

Attending a funeral in the
Roskilde Cathedral
 Lutheran Church of Denmark
with Priest Ingrid Salinas

The Star mural with Ingrid Salinas a friend of
my mom's from when she was in high school.

This was a tough dandelion! We accidently got off at 
one or two stops too early, but it was a nice walk to
Svogerslev :) Clear skies, a little chilly

Really cool parking lot that has Christmas lights 
that look like stars above the cars! :)

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