Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving, Family History, a Funeral

Kære familier og venner!

I hope all is well for everyone reading this. I am assuming most of
you are preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Last week, we had a combined zone conference and had a mini
Thankgiving celebration consisting of a turkey bowl (American
football), zone training (great talks, inspiration and setting new
missionary goals for the month), Thanksgiving dinner (I just missed
the Orgill cranberry sauce and the pies in every flavor thanks to Stu
every year) and then, a talent show! My companion and I let 5 other
sisters in a remix of the song Give Said the Little Stream. It ended
up turning out pretty cool, and the great acoustics were a plus, too!

Another fun thing this week: This lady in my ward made tortilla soup
since she wanted to make a recipe from home :)

There were so many great things that happened this week.

On Tuesday, we were walking down the street and noticed an elderly
lady standing on a ladder trying to clean her windows. We asked if she
needed help. She said she did not, but then we just started to tell
her a little about who we were and that if she ever needed anything,
we love to do service. She found out we were Mormon and got really
excited because she said her great uncle was mormon and she had found
some things about her ancestors on FamilySearch.org that she wanted to
show us! She invited us in, we chatted about it, shared a hymn, she
gave us some saft and then invited us back. We are so excited to help
her find more about her family!

On Saturday, we met my Mom's friend from high school, Ingrid. She is
so nice! We had planned to come and meet here. She ended up having to
be in charge of a funeral since she is a Priest and we got to go. It
was really neat to attend and witness more Danish culture. They had
real candles in the church on every bench and a row of flowers down
the aisle. A large majority of the program was singing. The program
consisted of lyrics to all six of the hymns we sang. We are glad we
had the opportunity to be there.

It was interesting talking to Ingrid because she had not known prior
what church we were members of, but as I was talking to her she told
me she was surprised that my mom had changed religions because when
she said she could remember that my mom was a devout Baptist. I told
her that I didn't know that, but I did know my mom is very dedicated
and true to what she believes and that it must have been right after
Ingrid went back to Denmark that my mom started attending The Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and found out for herself it was
true. She's put her whole heart into the faith she has and continues
to share it with others. I'm so grateful for my mom's example to me.

Sister Peterson and I talked with Ingrid a lot of our beliefs,
including what happens after death, the role of baptism, the schedule
of a missionary and the process of getting a mission call. She is such
a sweetheart and had made us bread, took us out to lunch at this cute
cafe and showed us around one of her Cathedrals. It was gorgeous! I
told her that it was the most beautiful one I had been into compared
to the ones I had seen in USA, France and England. It's true though.
Possibly because of the star mural :)

Anyway, it was a great week!

Hope all is well wherever you are reading this.

Love always,

Søster Orgill

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