Monday, May 5, 2014


Familier og venner,

So, first off, Denmark really likes their holidays. The library was closed from Thursday through Monday because of Easter break. That's why our preparation day was switched to Tuesday.

This week in Horsens:

-We got to see Solveig ride a horse. She also shared with us her commitment to be unselfish, applying what she had studied in the Bible from last week. She's awesome.

-We met with our investigator, Daniel the Dane. This is the one I met on splits like 8 weeks ago and him and his friends invited us in immediately and we prayed with them. He wants to practice his English with us before he goes to Spain for a vacation next month and he also wanted to learn more about the purpose of life. He had a new friend over. Her parents are from Bosnia. She wanted to hear about the Book of Mormon. We invited them to read Alma 34. We'll be back this week.

-A less active that had not been active for the last 8 years... we've been meeting with him once a week and he came to Institute this week and helped clean the church since it was the YSAs responsibility this week! It was so exciting!!!!! :)

-We got to go to a YSA Bowling activity since our investigators were going. It was so much fun :)

-We had a baptism for a branch that was held in our building. We invited some of our investigators to come by texting them and telling them what time it was at and what day. One of them texted back, "I don't want to be baptized" and signed his name.  We were laughing so hard because that is not what we had asked. Ha ha :) He did come to the baptism. We showed him the font up close afterwards. He hugged the wall because he was scared we were going to push him in. He's great though! Then he asked one of our other investigators if she was going to get baptized... this happens a lot.

-We went on enchanges in Odense

-We invited Roby to come with us to the Bishop's house for dinner. Lisbeth in the ward came, too. She can only speak Danish. We had to keep switching languages for them. I was trying to explain to Lisbeth that Roby can only understand English. It turned into a monologue and I didn't realize I was speaking in English to her. Everyone started laughing at me once I realized it. It was pretty funny, but I felt way embarrassed. Then later, I asked Roby a question in Danish and didn't realize I was speaking in Danish.

-We invited Rado to dinner at the Holbech's in the ward. That went great as well and we invited him to read 2 Nephi 31 about baptism and authority from God. He talked to us about how he has been baptized before. We talked about authority from God. He is going to pray about getting baptized again.

-Service projects from this week- winding embroidery thread and pulling weeks :)

-We met with the guy we found last week as a result of us speaking Danish to each other. It went really well and we are meeting with him and his girlfriend on Sunday. The spirit was really strong in their apartment.

And last but not least, President called yesterday and told me that I will be transferred on Monday to one of the three Copenhagen areas. I will be in Gladsaxe 1st Ward. I'm not going to lie, I am really sad to leave. I have only been here two transfers and was NOT expecting this at all. I mean we have some AMAZING investigators and less actives that are so close to coming back here... Plus, I just feel like I have also become good friends with all of them and more here as well. But, it's okay, I will trust that it is part of the Lord's plan and that there are people I personally need to work with in Gladsaxe. I'm excited for a new adventure even though I will truly truly truly miss Horsens. My new companion will be Sister Peterson. Yes, she was my companion in the MTC, and in Roskilde. When President told me, he said, "third time is a charm." Ha ha :)

Life is good. I firmly believe that there is a REASON in everything. It is all part of the Lord's plan. Even the curve balls, such as packing up and leaving your best friends to a new area. Gladsaxe will be amazing. I know it. I will love it! I'm excited to meet the people there and will do all I can to serve and love my best! I am excited to see and tell you about the miracles that come there!

Med kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill

P.S. I will send pictures later when I am at the library to print off our ticket for exchanges. We emailed at the church this morning.

P.S.S. I will still be serving as a Sister Training Leader along with Sister Peterson when I am transferred, but it will be for the other half of the sisters in the mission.

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