Monday, May 5, 2014

Thank You, Again, Tennessee

Summer is on its way… how do I know this? We were having companionship study this morning and this medium-sized spider scurries hurriedly parallel to our table. My first reaction? I scream! (Although I am glad that it was not a roach, I would have literally died if it was). I saw it run into a crack in our floor. Sister Pearson then says, “it’s probably fine, I bet it will go into our neighbor’s apartment below us.” I was not settled though. Paranoid, I ran to the bathroom, grabbed some foam cleaning spray and I squirted that stuff down the cracks until the spider jumped out, ran towards me and I squashed that thing with my slipper as I stomped and slid my foot across the floor. It’s dead. I’m sorry, I am not a bug person. The Lord knew this, therefore he sent me here : ) The only thing I have to conquer here are occasional spiders and fruit flies.

Well, let’s see. We went on exchanges this week (surprise, surprise) in VEJLE! Also know as the place of my mission birth in Denmark! Oh, it was fabulous to be back. I felt like I was home! I got to be on exchanges with Sister Wright, she is a brand new missionary who is loves to speak and really learning Danish fast, plus she is pretty fearless! We had an appointment with Marianne who I used to work with when I was there. After we read scriptures, she asked if we could help her with her dishes. Of course, just like old times! She was so sweet and in her pray she prayed her and I could keep in contact. She is a beautiful, talented daughter of God. I promised I’d keep in touch.

Then, Sister Pearson had our first zone training together. This month, as a mission, we are studying the Book of Mormon section in Preach My Gospel. We realized what the mission was lacking, the inspiring role plays like we would always have at zone conference, training and meetings in Tennessee. Yet another Tennessee blessing! :) So glad I got to serve stateside! So we came up with a role play where we had 4 groups of two chairs, missionaries would line up behind each chair. When it was their turn they would sit down. If the chair had a pass along card with the Savior on it, the missionary’s role would be missionary. If the card had a picture of people, then they would be an investigator. The missionary would testify of a principle of their choice, then the investigator would give a concern. The missionary would answer that concern with a scripture from the Book of Mormon and then bear testimony. It can be intense, for sure, but it really helps prepare for when we might be in that situation in real life and might get asked that exact question. Preach My Gospel talks about how the Book of Mormon answers questions of the soul. It was neat because that seemed to be the theme of our lessons the rest of the week. We met with Ankhaa and talked about Heavenly Father and how the gospel blesses families. She has begun to read the Book of Mormon. We asked her what she thinks of it and she said she feels the book is guide to life. That’s exactly what we had been talking about the day before at zone training!

Other events from this week:

-We made tiramisu for a less active in our ward (with cocoa instead of coffee) and he was impressed and said it tasted great. It was actually the first time we had ever tried tiramisu ha ha.
-Ate cake and watched Finding Faith in Christ in Italian with Lorenzo
-Watched the first session of General Conference at Michael, Cosmin and Justin’s place. We brought carmel popcorn. The last talk of the first session was President Eyring. He said in his talk that some of the people watching conference were invited by missionaries. And some of those were invited by the missionaries to be baptized. Michael looked at us and we looked at him. He rejected the invitation, but that’s just for now : )

Conference was really great. Ankhaa and Ruslan came to watch it at the church. My favorite talk? Probably President Henry B. Eyring or Gary E. Stevenson.

We got a cold front last week, so winter felt like it was coming back, but it's warmer today, so spring round 2 here we come!

Med kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill

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