Monday, June 16, 2014

A Southernized Dane

Hey friend and family!
 Well, I’m still not caught up on my journal, but I went through my planner so I could summarize my week J
 Last Monday was preparation day; however, it was a holiday, Anden Pinse Day. Yes, almost everything was closed. The 3rd grocery store was opened, but they didn't have stuff we needed. Two years ago they moved all post offices to grocery stores (So I heard from Sister Arbon), but all the grocery stores with post offices were closed!
The library did not have any air conditioning and the windows weren't open (and we could not get them open) and there was not personnel since it was a holiday so it literally felt like a sauna!
Monday night we waited for an investigator to come to the young single adult family home evening. We waited outside for 1 hour, trying to call and text him the whole time. He had told us he was on his way He never came.
Anyway, the next day we had zone conference. Our theme this month is Chapter 7 of Preach My Gospel about learning the language.
Really neat because we had the Stake President come and he told us tips for working with the members.
Then we gave the first lesson to a few different members from our stake.
After that, I headed out with my drawstring purple backpack full of clothes and what I’d need for exchanges in Gladsaxe 2 area which is right next to our area. While there, I ate dinner at an investigator’s house. She made us Pakistanian food. I've attached a picture ;)
We talked about the Book of Mormon. She told us it has made her so happy, happier than she’s ever been and asked us to recommend a new section for her to read.
The next day we met with an investigator in their area who has MS. So sad! : ( She pretty much can just use her hands to do everything and sits in a wheel chair. We talked to her and I could just feel God’s love for her. I didn't know her, but I told her that I know that God loved her. We watched the Mormon message, “Mountains to Climb,” bore testimony, sang, prayed and then I asked if I could give her a hug and I did. I love giving hugs.
Back to Gladsaxe 1st area (mine). The guy who never came to YSA FHE… he came to church! He was 30 minutes late, but we walked out of sacrament meeting to go get him (it’s kind of confusing since our building is a 5 story building and looks business-y and it is next to another church). Everyone was really friendly to him and spoke English to him which was great since he moved here a few months ago. He liked church and plans to come next week.
 And one more miracle for the week- We were lost and trying to find the street of a less active member  while on our bikes, trying to pinpoint where we were on the map.
This lady saw us and asked if we were from Utah and if we were lost. She’s a Dane and used to live in the South of the U.S. for 9 years! She was so cute and even had a southern accent (mixed with a Danish accent) when she spoke English! She was so sweet and told us we could come back sometime. She told us to have a “blessed day” ha ha J I felt like I was in Tennessee again! I loved it : )

 Love you all!

 Med kærligste hilsener,
 Søster Orgill

 P.S. I heard the Spurs won the championship! WOOHOO!!!! GO SPURS GO!!!!! :)

 P.S.S. I just heard that my new niece named Julia was born yesterday! :) I can't wait to meet her! I love being an aunt!

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