Sunday, June 15, 2014

Helping an Elderly Man

Helping an Elderly Man

We had zone trainings this week. I felt like our portion didn't go too smoothly for either zone, but oh well. Sometimes it's just trial and error. When I was in Horsens, last month, our training went really well... but hey, guess I just needed to be more humble or something?

As far as traveling here goes. We have all zone passes to go almost anywhere in Sjælland on any bus, but most of the time we bike since it is actually faster so you don't have to wait for buses. Plus without a smart phone or much access to internet, it is hard to know what busses to switch on to to get places.
Miracle of the week:
I was on Exchanges with Sister Murray in Gladsaxe Anden (2nd) area. We took the S Tog (a quick train) to visit a lady who hasn't been to church in a while. As we got off, we saw this elderly Danish man with a cane and an umbrella trying to walk around to find the elevator to get up to the main street. We started asking him what his family meant to him to talk about the church, but quickly changed the subject asking if we could help him. He let one of us carry the umbrella and the other hold onto his arm. We rode the elevator up with him and then planned to separate, but he was headed to walk down a steep flight of stairs and did not look like he would make it on his own. We asked him where he was going, he said "hjem" meaning "home." We told him we could walk the whole way with him.
As we walked, we talked about his family. Many stared and smiled as they watched us walk with him. As we caught the rain with the umbrella so it would not land on his head and helped him balance his strides I felt in my heart that feeling that this is what it is like to walk with God (like our mission President always talks about). That Heavenly Father was overjoyed and happy we could help our brother along his way. We got him back to his apartment. He had a hard time understanding us, but we gave him a Book of Mormon, our number, prayed at his door and left. I talked to Sister Murray after that and we discussed how good it felt to be able to be there. For both of us, it will rank as one of the highlights of our missions.
Love you all!

Søster Orgill

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