Sunday, June 15, 2014


Hey friends and family!
 So this week, Sister Peterson and I were on trio exchanges with Sister Barrett while her companion was in a special meeting President had with all the people from her MTC group. We were walking around the Herlev station and met a man named Farhat. He said he had just moved to Denmark three weeks ago and that he had Christian friends and wanted to know more about Christianity. We talked to him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, how the Savior taught that we must have faith, repent, be baptized, be given the holy spirit and follow Christ's example to return to live with our Father again. We talked about the Book of Mormon, how to pray and invited him to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon before the next time we met. Unfortunately, we found out that he doesn't live near us, but we called the elders who live in the area when his congregation meets. They met with him, he said he had already prayed over what we had talked to him about, he knows it's true and he wants to be baptized. It was really exciting. Søster Peterson and I are planning on attending his baptism in June :)
I went on exchanges in Roskilde this week! It was fun being back in my old area. We woke up early and joined the ward in traditionally celebrating the Koch's 25th anniversary. Half the ward was there and we gathered around their door step singing songs until they came out (this was at 8am in the morning). Anyway, after the songs, we all ate breakfast (pastries, bread, cheese, jam, juice, pineapple...) and the couple danced with a top hat and veil on their heads as a little band played.. Very fun.
 My highlight of being in Roskilde though? So I had noticed that the sisters had a Romanian Book of Mormon in their Apartment. I was so excited to see it and really hoped we could meet some Romanians while I was there since I love Romanians! :) Thanks to Horsens! Anyway, we were headed to visit a less active who ended up not being home. On the way there, we met a couple from... ROMANIA! It was so amazing! I got to tell them the 6 phrases I knew in Romanian and then we talked to them about their family. Sister Hall then told them how we believed we could be with our families for eternity because of revelation through modern day prophets. They want the sisters to come back next week to hear more about it and to get the copy of the Romanian Book of Mormon :)
 Anyway, it was a pretty great! I am so blessed to be able to serve a mission. I love being here and meeting all these people whom the Lord has prepared to hear His word.
 Love you all!
 Søster Orgill
 P.S. It was way funny, we were practicing teaching lessons the other day. I was pretending to be an investigator. Elder Eisert called on me and just pretended to make up what my first name would be. He said "Kelly," not realizing that was actually my first name! We all laughed and told him. He was so shocked.

P.S.S. We we soaked all day on Wednesday since it was pourring rain outside!

P.S.S.S. We celebrated our District leaders birthday... we made him cookies and then found out he was fasting... oops!

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