Sunday, August 3, 2014

Three of Four New Investigators

Family and friends,
We were in an appointment last week with a less active. It was about 7pm and I knew that we had made a goal to find a new investigator and have 2 other lessons. I was trying to get out of there, but they decided they wanted to make us food and stuff. I was just praying the whole time we could find someone who was prepared after we left since that was our goal.
We went out to contact an investigator that our ward mission leader had given us the day before. Right before we knocked on the door, there was a guy right outside. I felt prompted we needed to speak with him, so we did. His name is Nabil and he had met missionaries before and said he had a Book of Mormon, just had not finished it yet! We talked to him about it, testified and prayed and are meeting him again this week. The referral was not home, but I knew were supposed to meet Nabil! :)
After that, we visited a previous investigator (Ghulam) from 2 transfers ago. We talked to him about coming to church and his experience coming to church. We re-invited him to read from the Book of Mormon, prayed and are meeting with him next week!
We had about 40 minutes left in the day. We went to visit another previous investigator who had not been visited for 3 years. She let us right in. Her name is Anni. She is around 70 years old and was dropped because of health concerns she had. But when we came to visit here, we started talking about the Book of Mormon and church. She told us that she really liked coming to church when she did and reading from the Book of Mormon, but that she didn't have one anymore. We gave her a new copy and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We invited here to be baptized, she said "When?" :) She is going to be going on vacation with some family soon, so she won't be able to make it to church the next two Sundays, but we will get to meet with her this week and we asked her to think over a date to be baptized. The spirit was strong in her home and I knew it's where the Lord wanted us to be.
It's been a really good week. I'm happy to be here and I am really trying to give it my all. It scares me when I think how fast time is going. I love being here and love serving the Lord.
 It actually feels just like I've been in school the last 17 months and that this is my final test, it's comprehensive, I know what to do, the rules, all the advice you have given and now it's just I need to work as hard as I can.
I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!
Until next week,

Søster Orgill

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