Sunday, July 7, 2013


Mine familier og venner,

Moments of the week:

-We got to do our first planned service project here, pulling weeds and mowing the lawn at Kim and Annemette's! It was way fun using this weed-puller Annemette had. (Kim is getting baptized this week, Annemetta is already a member).

-We were waiting for the bus, turned around and started to look at the huge gross brown slugs that were slimily making their way across the ground. The bus came by (we were like 3 feet from the curb), stopped for a second and then left, the bus driver never even opened the doors. That was the last bus that came in the area for the day. Ha ha.

-Oh and it has rained almost every day the last 2 weeks. Apparently this is what it is really like here. Somehow, my first week here it was really sunny, not much wind or humidity. The wind, humidity and rain has hit, but that's what makes Denmark so green. So, bring on the rain ;)

-We decided we wanted onion rings and I made a batter (without Google) and we fried them for dinner. Fun times.

-At church, instead of members calling the congregation Brothers and Sisters, they just say søskende (which means siblings). Cool, huh?

-Multiple people in the ward have told me that they have heard that there is a sister who is too short for her bike and that it looks like she might die getting off and on it... yep, that's me... Luckily, I am getting a new kid's bike this week and selling mine to another sister here.

-Take away from zone conference this week: Act on promptings, all that is good is from God. We need to train ourselves to listen to those promptings. Just like anything else in our life, we have to condition ourselves to do so.

de kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill

Kiddesvej (The street I live on). It is illegal to bike Down it because it is the steepest hill in the city... maybe all of Denmark. Ha ha. But it is dangerous, apparently your breaks will fail if you try it.

A doormat outside a random apartment. Translation "Oh no, not you again!" Ha ha!

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