Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Bike...last week before my trainer goes home!

Mine familier og venner!

Here is my week in bullet points... Again :)

-Great news... I finally got a bike that is my size! Luckily, one of the other sisters in the mission still needed a bike, so I sold her mine. Sarah, the amazing sister in our ward, found one online that was just my size that someone was selling in the area! Miraculous! :) When we went to buy it, the guy noticed we were missionaries and he flat out said, well in Danish, "What is your purpose here." So we told him about the church and why we are serving. Pretty cool.

-Kim got baptized this week! Him and his wife are so great! Eleven missionaries came! (Sound familar? Every baptism I have gone to on my mission has had at least 8 missionaries... strange, but cool!)
We sang How Great Thou Art in Danish, "O Store Gud." It was an amazing day! We were all so happy :)

-The lady at the post office this week told me she was impressed with my Danish and was surprised I had only been here a couple weeks. Four days later, I tried talking to a lady on the street in Danish and then she told me she could not speak English. Ha ha.

-We taught a man from Portugal on the train in English, he didn't know Danish. At the end of our conversation he apolized for not introducing himself and then did. I accidently said, "I'm Kelly.... but on the mission I go by Sister Orgill."

-We found an amazing Ice Cream shop! Roberts Is! So good!

-Tons of Danes gratuated high school this week. They wear their hats (which kind of look like a sailor hat) all week long and drive around in the back of a large work truck singing, chanting and celebrating.

-We got to help clean a less active's house and pull weeds at this member family's house this week. The 12 year old son found out I was scared of worms and chased me around the yard. Then, he broke the news to me that he had thrown it on my coat! Gross! Ha ha. Fun times. :)

-We invited our investigator, Kasper, to pray about the Book of Mormon and he said he already knew it was try just by reading two chapters of it!

-I understood a small portion of church. Slow, slow, but the language is coming. I am sure that Sister Hadley and I will really grow over the next 5 weeks without Sister Arbon. Sister Arbon leaves on Wednesday and then I am officially a "trainer." Crazy! But, I have full faith that the Lord will help me and Sister Hadley with the language.

de kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill

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