Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What matters is that we serve

Mine familier og venner!

This week we had a trainer/trainee training meeting with our zone. We talked about the importance of first gaining knowledge, there being able to feel what we knew and then, if we had the spirit, we could teach.

One of my favorite Things that President Sederholm said was,"the Savior wasn't successful because of numbers, but because he did the will of the Father." It doesn't matter that we get tons of baptisms, what matters is the people we serve and that we give them the opportunity to hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We also had media training for our zone this week. We just talked about what it would be like if we were to be interviewed on TV or in a newspaper, that we would have to get permission from the mission president and area church representives first. Then, the area church representatives had practice interviews with us. It was scary because they recorded us and then critiqued how we answered. They asked us really hard questions, but it was good preparation and afterwards they told us that the media probably would not be as harsh as they were ;)

This week we talked to AnneMette and Kim about enduring to the end, family history and the temple. It went really well! They said they would try to set up a time to go with some ward members. Sister Hadley and I showed them our family trees and invited them to do the same on It was really neat. Plus, AnneMette was shocked that my mom was a convert and she thought it was cool to see how all my dad's parents/grandparents were from all Utah and my mom's were from other states.

I like the new layout of Family trees in fan view are really cool. I can't wait to do family history when I get back!

We are learning more Danish, everyday. Still, NO where near fluent, but as my friend, Cameron Benson says, "You were called to preach the gospel, not to learn a language" and that the spirit is a universal language.

Hope everyone is having a spectacular summer :)

de kærligste hilsener,

Søster Orgill

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