Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jeg er i Vejle

Mine familier og venner,

I am in Vejle!

So let me try and sum up my last two weeks. We had a baptism in Tennessee and had all sixteen missionaries in the area at it! The 5 sets in the ward I was in and the 3 sets from the ward building that we had the baptism at. We all sang Called to Serve as a musical number at the baptism. Cool, huh?

Oh and I met with Erik for the last time. In Danish, I recited the articles of faith to him, I bore my testimony and prayed and he said he would be coming to church on Sunday and would continue to meet with the missionaries after I left! Amazing! :)

Oh and we had three brothers watch the film about the restoration and one of them, just after watching it, said he believed that God would still speak to prophets today and that it would be a waste of time for someone to write a book that was not true. He told us he believed the Book of Mormon had to be the words of God and that he would like to be baptized! Really exciting! However, that same day I found out I got my visa and couldn't teach them anymore. Sad! But, as Jeff always, it doesn't matter if we are there or if we participate, what matters is that it happens ;)

Okay, so luckily I got to fly with Elder Earl and Elder Peterson from Tennessee to New York and then we met up with two other elders from the April MTC Danish group. We flew to London. The elders were in front of me and figured out where our gate was supposed to be. I did ask them if we should double check, but one of them said, "We're men. We don't ask for directions." So I told them I would trust them and I wouldn't worry about it. We got to our gate and then the flight attendant told us that we were in the wrong terminal (there were 2 flights to Copenhagen on different airlines) and that we would miss our flight. Ha ha. Crazy, huh? I'm just glad we were all together. We had to go through security again, take a 15 minute bus ride to the other terminal and then get on a different flight. In the end, we made it to Denmark about 2 hours late, but we did make it!

We got here and were so so so excited to be here! There are random things that are really unique here, like the yellow light comes on on traffic lights right before it turns green so you are aware it is going to change, etc.

My trainer finishes her mission in 3 weeks! This week we will get a new sister who just got her visa and then we will only have a trainer for 3 weeks... then I will be the senior companion... scary! I am way nervous since I am OBVIOUSLY not even close to being fluent or being able to even understand much here, but I have full confidence that the Lord will help us.

Oh and the danishes here really are amazing :)

Oh and I love talking to the little kids at church. We got a ride home on Sunday and I sat in the back seat with the kids. They had me read their books and kept asking me if I understood it and would point to the pictures. I can't wait until I am able to understand them one day :)

Life is beautiful.

de kaerligste hisener,

Søster Orgill

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