Monday, February 17, 2014

Biking Around Horsens/Texas Pride

Biking Around Horsens/Texas Pride
Family and friends,

Well, like I probably said before. I am really happy to be back in
Jylland! It's just great!I feel like I am so close to Denmark home:
Vejle. Well, I am. Only a 15 minute train ride away!

I was able to attend the Mission Leadership Council this week in
Copenhagen. It was a really great experience. The spirit was so strong
there as we all talked about what we could do to help the mission.
President also helped us learn/remember the importance of effective
personal and companionship study. The reason we study on our missions
is not for us, but to prepare us for those we will teach during the
day. He promised us that if we used the time to study for others, we
would gain more out of it than just studying for ourselves. It sounds
simple, but it was eye opening to me and is something I will try to
focus on this next week.

Some great miracles from this last week:

-We were about to hop on our bikes, but I saw this guy and felt that I
should talk to him. I wasn't sure how since he was on the other side
of the street. I waved and then he came over to us! Turns out he had
met the missionaries before. We told him we would bring by a Spanish
Book of Mormon and invited him to institute.

-We were about to hop on our bikes, but I saw this guy (sounds
familiar, right?) walking past us and I wasn't sure what to say, so I
asked, "What is that?" because he had a box in his hand. It was full
of jumper cables. Eventually, we found out he was from Afganistan and
would be interested in learning more about what we believed. Yes, we
invited him to institute as well.

-We met a guy from Ghana who recognized our name tags from the Church
he has seen in Ghana. We gave him a church tour.

-We taught a family from Poland by using a Polish Book of Mormon and
pamphlet and inviting them to read specific parts while we were there.

So things are going great in Horsens. A lady in our ward asked us to
teach the plan of salvation in Relief Society. She gave us 10 minutes,
it took us 30. It's just really hard to do the whole thing in a short
time. We also made sugar cookies valentines for everyone there.

Oh and also, a handful of people who have met me and asked where I am
from, right off the bat associate San Antonio with San Antonio Rose, a
song I had never heard before. We met some people the other day, they
pulled out a small map of the U.S. Only 3 cities were marked in Texas.
One was San Antonio. They thought that was cool. So, am I proud to be
from San Antonio, Texas? Yes. I may not be a super prideful Texan, but
I can say it will always be in my heart and will always be my first,
real home.

Life is beautiful, we have lots of work going on here, we have an
investigator who is getting baptized on March 1st, so that's the next
big event around here.

Love you all. Oh and happy Valentine's day this week :)

Love always,

Søster Orgill

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