Monday, February 10, 2014


Hey family and friends!

Last Monday, we came home from shopping for groceries, we put them
away, ate lunch, looked out the window and then saw airy snowflakes
just fluttering with the wind, passing the window as they descended to
the ground. I looked out the window, screamed, “It’s snowing!” Then,
Sister Hall and I put on our shoes and jetted outside so we could
dance and sing Christmas songs in the middle of the powdery white
street :) Blissful? Yes. We were so happy. Unfortunately, my camera
and Sister Hall’s camera don’t work right now so we didn’t get to take
any pictures of some of the crazy stormy snow weather from this week,
but we have heard that more snow is on its way, so stay tuned :)

Two of my favorite experiences from this week.

- We had a lesson with a less-active’s mother. We started to talk to
hear about the Restoration of Jesus Christ’s church on the earth
today. She then told us that she had been multiple times, but that our
church was different than the other churches she goes to. That it is
just not the same as a traditional Danish Folk Church. We asked what
she thought was different about it and she told us, “I feel that when
I am at your church it’s like someone has their arms around me” and
she demonstrated it was like she felt she was being hugged. We told
her that was the Holy Ghost that she felt.

- We got to sing at the nursing home again yesterday. We are going to
try to go every week. We sang hymns, visited with the people there,
they gave us some hot chocolate and then the nurses there asked us
about the church and what our schedule is like as a missionary.

So, things are going well here. I love you all and am so blessed to be
here, right now. I know this is where the Lord wants me and this is
His will, to take the gospel (the good news that He has a plan for us
to return to him) to all the world.

Love you all!

Søster Orgill

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