Monday, February 24, 2014

Romanian Food

This week was my first week attending institute here. Two people we
met last week came and really enjoyed it.

The first hour of institute, we had a class where we talked about 3rd
Nephi, when the Savior came to visit in the Americas. Then we had
dinner, a spiritual thought and we learned how to juggle with scarves.
It was way great and it sounded like they want to continue coming! The
elders also had someone they met come to institute as well, his name
is Michael. And then get this! The next day, I was on exchanges with
Søster Swett and met Michael's friends on the street! We talked about
our beliefs for an hour and then 2 of them told us they would be at
church the next day!

So, Sunday comes around, we all show up an hour early to meet with
Michael before church. Him and his friends stayed for all three hours
of church, met some people after church and then invited us and then
elders to come eat dinner with them that night so we could continue
the conversation. They are all from Romania and they cooked us
authentic Romanian food - kind of like maltomeal, but more
cornbreadlike, complete with Romanian sheep cheese and pork. Then they
made American pancakes for dessert and we ate them with sheets of
chocolate. Then we took a group photo. Søster Briscoe and I will not
be at institute this week because we will be in Copenhagen, but we
will all be at the baptism on Saturday and it sounds like the Romanian
group is going to come, too.

Things are going really well here is Horsens, it is starting to warm
up... Spring is coming! There are little white flowers that grow right
before spring comes. It is tradition to pick them here, cut up a piece
of paper with a bunch of shapes (like a snowflake) and then write a
riddle on it, poke holes for the amount of letters in your first name
to sign is, and then stick the flower in. If the person guesses right,
then you owe them a chocolate easter egg, if they don't guess it's
you, then you owe them one. Fun, huh? :) They are called vinter gækker

Kaj's baptism is this weekend. We talked to him about the 10
commandments this last week and about how we believe in honoring the
laws of the land. He's all ready to go. We are so excited for him. He
is so happy to begin again, completely clean with the change of the

I also just realized that on Thursday it will be my year mark! Kind of
scary. This mission is flying, but I am happy I still have 6 months

Life is beautiful,

Søster Orgill

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