Monday, February 17, 2014

Three Danes

Well, it really is starting to warm up here, so that is fun. And, the
work is going great. Here are some things that happened this week.

-We cleaned out the baptismal font, in preparation for Kaj's baptism.
(I'll send a pic of it next week).

-Since we only have 2 sets of sister training leaders and 4 zones in
Denmark, we attended two zone trainings and did a 15 minute training
at both.

-We taught Kaj about the law of tithing, he has full faith and is
excited for his baptism
-Apparently most people in Denmark only celebrate Valentine's day if
they have a significant other... but we still told a bunch of people,
"Happy Valentine's day." Then they would ask if we had boyfriends that
sent us valentines. I told them no, but that sisters, mom and Grandma
:) They thought it was strange when we told them we would give
everyone valentines when we were younger.

-Valentine's day is more of a U.S. tradition. Sounds like only in more
recent years the flower shops here have tried to make it catch fire.

-We have a list of 22 people we are going to text to invite to
Institute that we have recently met. Exciting!

-I went on splits for the first time as a sister training leader.

-My favorite miracle from the week:
I was on splits with Sister Rigby. We were in Horsens, going to go
visit a less active, but then I felt we should knock on this one door
(we had been saying hi to everyone all day and knocking on any door we
even had the slightest prompting to knock on. We knocked twice, waited
a few minutes, started to walk away and then saw a guy come to the
door. We asked what he felt was the most important thing in his life.
He said money and friends. We started talking about how we are
missionaries and he told us that him and his friends were JUST talking
about how they wanted to go to a church sometime. He invited us in.
But, it is a missionary rule that we can only go inside if there is
another woman there or with us. We asked if there was a woman in
there. He said yes! So, we went right in! He had a friend that was a
girl and another friend that was a guy in his apartment. We talked
about their beliefs, what we believed, invited them to church and
institute and gave them a Book of Mormon. They were surprised it was
free. We read a couple verses with them and set up an appointment to
come back. And, we closed with a prayer. I felt they were sincere
about it as I asked them to turn off the t.v. and explained that we
usually fold our arms and close our eyes. They also folded their arms
and closed their eyes as Sister Rigby prayed. I'm excited to go back
next week! And, we are hoping they will be able to make it to

Institute! They are all three Danish, too!

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