Monday, February 10, 2014

I have been in Horsens for less than 3 hours

Family and friends!

I have been transferred to Horsens and was called to be a Sister
Training Leader. I am here now (because our transfers just switched to
the same day as preparation day) and am now companions with Søster

It was a 2 1/2 train ride to get here. I am back in Jylland, only a 15
minute train ride from my first area. It's funny because it kind of
feels like I am home since I used to come here every week when I was
in Vejle for district meetings.

Last week in Roskilde, things were well. We started helping a girl
from Italy with English! It was way neat! She has a lot of
grammar-like and phrase questions. I will miss being able to teach
her, but the sisters will do well there.

We did lots of knocking this last week and Roskilde has several
appointments set up for next week since we found several who wanted us
to come back.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? So here are some pictures
from the week with investigators, members and memories my last week in
Roskilde. I learned how to make risalamande and rødkål this week from
the Kjærgaards! We went bowling with Naja. We read scriptures with
Michael, his mom and their dog Rex. We had a great dinner appointment
with the Stokholm family, complete with a concert from Morten. I will
miss many from Roskilde, but I know the Lord needs me here now in

Life is beautiful. I know Our Heavenly Father loves us. He misses us
and hopes we will make the choice to come back to live with Him. But
since He loves us SO much, He has given us the opportunity to CHOOSE
for ourselves.


Søster Orgill

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